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A "hairy dog" appeared in Hunchun, Jilin, and was found after breaking into the farmyard.

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A "hairy dog" appeared in Hunchun, Jilin, and was found after breaking into the farmyard.

Villagers in Shengli Village, Hadamen Township, Hunchun City, Jilin Province recently discovered a strange animal in their yard. It looks like a fox and a badger, but its face is somewhat similar to a raccoon. When I found this animal, it moved slowly and looked a little weak, but it was not as afraid of people as other wild animals, and it was not afraid of people. Fearing that the beast would harm their family members, the villagers hurriedly contacted the police and asked for their help. After the police arrived, they found that there was indeed a strange-looking little animal strolling in the yard. This animal looks tame from a distance, but once approached, it will immediately show strong hostility and aggression. For the safety of the surrounding villagers and to better rescue it, everyone worked together to capture it and lock it in a cage. Then people contacted the Hunchun City Wildlife Rescue Station. After the staff identified, this strange animal was actually a raccoon dog, also known as "hair dog" and "raccoon dog", and it belongs to the second-class national protected animal. After careful inspection, it was found that the raccoon dog had no obvious trauma, and the reason why it appeared so weak, it was speculated that it might be caused by not eating for a long time. After that, the animal was brought back to the rescue station for treatment and a comprehensive examination. After its recovery and the ability to survive in the wild, it will be released into the wild.

A special existence in the canine family, it will hibernate when it is cold

The raccoon dog is the raccoon dog in the idiom "a hill of raccoon dog", it belongs to the dog It is a very ancient canid, and scholars believe that it is a species similar to the ancestor of the canid. The raccoon dog is relatively obese, about the same as a fat fox. The average weight of the adult is 6.5 kg, and the limbs are short. The hair on the raccoon is mainly light brown-gray, with black tips, so it looks more mixed. Their biggest feature is that they have fluffy long hair on their cheeks and "dark circles" around their eyes, similar to raccoons, so many people confuse the two. However, the method of distinguishing is also very simple. The tail of the raccoon has ring markings, and the tail of the raccoon does not have this feature. As we all know, canines are not good at climbing trees, but the raccoon dog is an exception. They are better at climbing trees, and can even eat some fruits and bird eggs on trees. They are also good at swimming and can go into the water to catch some fish and crabs. In addition, the raccoon dog is also a very special existence among canids, they are the only canines that need to hibernate. In autumn, raccoon dogs will eat a lot and gain about 50% of their body weight. In winter, they hibernate in burrows. However, unlike bears and other animals that traditionally need to hibernate, the raccoon dog's hibernation is relatively shallow, and it will not reach a state of deep sleep. Some loud noises around it can wake it up.

The raccoon dog is very adaptable and can live in the city

The human city is like a forbidden place for wild animals, and it is difficult to survive in it . This is one of the main reasons why species have disappeared so quickly since the Industrial Revolution. With the advancement of urbanization, the habitats of a large number of wild animals have been destroyed, showing a general trend of "people advancing and beasts retreating". But some animals have gradually adapted to urban life in the long process of contact with humans. For example, coyotes in North America have expanded their habitat by 40% in the past 100 years, most of which are in cities. Raccoons are also one of the few animals that can adapt to urban life. For example, in Japan, they appear in large numbers on the streets and alleys, as if they have become new residents of the city. There are also raccoons in some cities in my country, such as Shanghai. According to the survey data of the research team of Fudan University, the number of raccoons in Shanghai has exceeded 5,000, and more than 150 communities have confirmed the existence of raccoons. The reason why raccoons can live in cities is related to their strong adaptability. They are omnivorous and eat almost everything. More importantly, in the long evolution of species, they have evolved the ability to digest starch, which makes the raccoon stand out among the wild animals. After all, in the city , the most important thing is all kinds of starchy food residues. In addition, raccoon dogs can be accepted by the city, which is also related to their cute appearance and docile personality. Just imagine, if leopards, gray wolves, etc. appear in the city, it is bound to cause panic. The raccoon dog is different. They are small and cute as puppies. Many people see them and even mistake them for a stray dog ​​and are fed with love.

The raccoon dog is very smart, and it has a set to clean up the badger

The raccoon dog is a more interesting animal, it is very smart, or it is very thief and cunning. In some of its habitats, other predators also live, and there is interspecific competition between the two sides, and the raccoon dog will use its own wisdom to clean up its opponents and lose their temper. For example, the badger is an animal that has been bullied badly by the raccoon dog. In terms of force value alone, the raccoon dog can't be the opponent of the badger at all, because the badger not only weighs twice as much as the raccoon dog, but also belongs to the weasel family, with a very ferocious personality and strong fighting power. So the raccoon dog took advantage of his gregariousness, often "playing one more", and attacking the badger in the places where it haunted. The most ruthless way to count the raccoon is to use the time difference to exterminate the badger during hibernation. Both the raccoon dog and the badger are animals that need to hibernate. The difference is that the raccoon dog hibernates later than the badger, but wakes up earlier than the badger. This time difference is the opportunity for the badger to "commit a crime". Badgers are masters at digging burrows, and the burrows dug are very luxurious, with tunnels, living rooms and sleeping cabins. When winter comes, badgers are the first to hibernate in sleeping pods in their burrows. After a period of time, the raccoon will take advantage of the badger's deep sleep and enter the badger's burrow to sleep in the living room of others. In early spring, the raccoon dog woke up first, walked out of the cave, and found that the badger was still hibernating, so it would use its legs to scrape the soil and leaves, seal the tunnel, cut off the air, and suffocate the badger family inside. . Zoologists from the Belarusian Academy of Sciences discovered three similar cases during their investigations from 2005 to 2011. With the improvement of the ecological environment, the number of animals will also increase, which we can feel from the more and more frequent sightings. Although raccoon dogs are more docile than most wild animals, it does not mean that they are not dangerous. If they approach rashly, they may still stimulate their aggression. When encountering them, it is the best practice not to disturb, feed or harm them. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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