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What to do when a guinea pig burps?

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What to do when a guinea pig burps?

The hiccups of guinea pigs are very worrying for some pig friends, after all, some guinea pigs burp more frequently. Male guinea pigs in particular, they love to burp, sows burp less often. So what exactly causes guinea pigs to burp? In addition, is guinea pig hiccups bad for health? Let's analyze it below. Brother Pig has consulted some domestic and foreign materials to talk about it from several aspects. Because the reasons mentioned in the data are not the same, and there are even some conflicts, so I will write them down for your reference. The digestive system of guinea pigs is very special. As herbivores, guinea pigs are different from large herbivores, which are ruminants and polygastric animals. The guinea pig is a typical monogastric herbivore, and the gut of the guinea pig is very long, stretching up to 3 meters, which is more than 10 times the body length. The main place for guinea pigs to digest crude fiber is in the large cecum. Saying that the cecum is large is in contrast to humans. Humans have a small cecum, about the size of the upper two segments of your little finger​. However, the cecum of the guinea pig is very large, and the length is even comparable to the body length of the guinea pig, that is, the cecum of the adult guinea pig is about 30 cm long. The guinea pig burp is likely to expel the gas in the stomach, which can prevent the guinea pig from having a bloated stomach. All kinds of forages, grains, vegetables and fruits that are eaten may be fermented in the stomach and intestines​, which will cause guinea pigs to get flatulence if they are not discharged. And these gases are excreted in two ways: burp and fart. Naturally, the gas generated near the mouth is discharged by burping. The gas close to the anus is excreted by farting. The guinea pig's stomach is closer to the mouth, so ​​dog burping should be a way to expel the gas in the stomach. Of course, this may be one of the main reasons for hiccups. The guinea pig is a new breed of pet, and many aspects are still relatively unfamiliar and need to be explored. After reading today's article, you should know that hiccups are normal for guinea pigs. Of course, if the guinea pig burps frequently, it is necessary to consider whether it has been fed too much fresh vegetables and fruits recently.​


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