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How to choose a puppy? Do not 4, you can avoid picking "week dog"

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How to choose a puppy? Do not 4, you can avoid picking "week dog"

Many people like to keep dogs, so many people will buy puppies, but do you know how to choose puppies? Let me tell you today, as long as you do 4 nos, you can avoid picking the dog of the week! 1. Do not choose puppies younger than 3 months. In order to avoid picking a week dog, you must be careful not to choose puppies younger than 3 months, because such a young puppies have physical resistance. Very bad, leave the bitch, it is easy to die. It is recommended that when choosing, try to choose puppies that are more than 3 months old and have a certain immunity. 2. Don't buy puppies online or at dog markets. When choosing puppies, you must pay attention to the channels of purchase. It is not recommended to buy puppies online or at street dog markets, because these places are not normal purchase channels, and it is very easy to buy puppies. scammed by business. It is best to go to a regular pet store, kennel, etc. to buy, so that after signing the contract, it is more secure. 3. Don't choose a spiritless puppy When choosing a puppy, don't choose a spiritless puppy. Of course, it is not recommended to choose an overly excited puppy. Because whether it is lack of energy or excessive excitement, it is the abnormal performance of the dog's body. It is likely to be a week dog, and it may die within a week of buying it home. 4. Don't pick puppies with a runny nose and cough. In the end, when it comes to picking, don't pick some puppies with a runny nose and cough. Although you may think it would be cruel to not choose these dogs, puppies with a runny nose and cough , are the performance of Zhou dogs, you can't save them if you buy them home, so it is best to choose healthy puppies.

When the puppy arrives home, what is the most important thing to pay attention to?

①The resistance of puppies is very weak, and they are easily infected with viruses, so before the puppies arrive home, be sure to sanitize the home to prevent the puppies from being infected. ② The puppies will be more afraid when they first arrive in the new environment. The pet owner lets the dog get used to it for a day or two before approaching it slowly. It is best to use some snacks as a temptation, so that your relationship can be closer. ③ The most important thing when a puppy arrives home is of course diet. After all, this is directly related to the dog's health. Puppies need more nutrition, so pet owners try to choose some dog food with balanced meat and vegetables for them. Conclusion: Have you ever bought a week dog?


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