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Inventory of the changes that have only occurred after raising a dog

Time:2022-11-27 08:56:26 author:Mammal Read:861次
Inventory of the changes that have only occurred after raising a dog

When you don't have a dog, many people's lives seem to be the same, but after raising a dog, you will suddenly find that the world has changed! Today, let's take a look at the changes that have only occurred after raising a dog! 01 After raising a dog, the pressure is not so great. Every time work and life are too tired or irritable, talking to the dog will be much better. I feel that the dog understands what I say. Not jumping out of the waves. 02 If you are in a bad mood, it will come to tease you, especially funny. So even if I'm very unhappy, seeing the dog at home instantly makes me feel better, which I haven't had before. 03Why do I have the illusion that I have raised a baby ahead of time when I am not married? Chatting with mothers of the same age who are pregnant is no problem at all? Why do I talk to other dog mothers about milk powder, urine pads, dog food and dog cakes? 04 The photo wall is full of them, the phone memory, and most of them are full of their videos and albums. 05 didn't want him to suffer a little grievance, just wanted him to be a happy and simple dog. For his sake, he refused the appointment after get off work, and he didn't go to the gym. The first sentence of someone's appointment is: I have to go home and feed the dog first. 06 After raising a dog, I haven’t traveled for almost 6 or 7 years. If I need to stay outside for a long time, I always take my dog ​​with me. 07 Food can’t be left indiscriminately, trash cans can only be found in the toilet, and the door of the toilet is a gate that is always closed....Although it has made it a bit busy, the family is full of love. 08 Charge electricity! In summer, she has to turn on the air conditioner, and in winter, she has to turn on the heating. If there is a heart problem, the doctor said that it will be dangerous if it is too cold or too hot. Before 09, I was a cute girl who was soft and cute, freed herself, and did not touch her fingers. Ever since I raised my second baby, I've become a mother-in-law! No I won't! 10. It’s not bad to be in bed anymore, get up early every day to walk the dog, and carry the dog’s favorite snacks in your pocket. When it does well, I will reward it with a little bit, so I’m happy. 11 In order to have the strength to walk the dog, I go to the gym more often than before, from once a week to two or three times a week. 12 My friend said that when I saw you before, I always felt that you were timid and not confident enough. Now you are lively and confident, humorous and interesting, and your whole person is shining. 13 With armor, there is weakness. I never thought that an ordinary person like me could get the unconditional trust and dependence of two little lives. Give it 14 dollars, every time I buy dog ​​food for it, I don't hesitate, as long as it suits it! The monthly salary is really spent on this little goblin! 15 The most fatal thing is that once you meet it, you can't extricate yourself, even if it is scum, I love it all my life! Conclusion: What changes have you had since you got a dog?


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