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Species Encyclopedia: Gorgeous King Lizard

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Species Encyclopedia: Gorgeous King Lizard

The gorgeous king lizard belongs to the genus Spinosaurus of the order Lizard, and has two subspecies differentiation: named subspecies and dream blue subspecies. Mainly distributed in northern Africa and the Arabian region, mostly inhabiting the junction of desert and rocky desert. Usually like to lie on the rocks to bask in the sun; when they feel dangerous, they will hide in caves and crevices. Feeds on the seeds, flowers, roots and fruits of plants. This variety has high ornamental value. The body color of males is very rich, some individuals are mainly turquoise green, some are grass green or sky blue; there are many yellow band-like patterns on the back. The dream blue subspecies is slightly smaller than the named subspecies, the males are mainly navy blue, and the back is mainly orange-yellow pattern. The female body color of the gorgeous king lizard is relatively plain, mostly brown, and there are also yellow patterns on the back. The juveniles are also brown, with orange-red patterns on the back, which gradually change to the adult color as they grow. The classification of king lizards is rather messy. According to the difference in body color, it can be roughly classified into more than a dozen different varieties. The general body length is about 30-70 cm, and the size of the species will vary. They are covered with small scales all over their bodies, and the small scales are ribbed. Males are brighter than females. Some king lizards change color according to temperature, darker in winter and lighter in warmer seasons. The darker the pigment, the more heat they can absorb when basking in the sun.


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