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A pony that drags a broken leg to work is bought back by a well-meaning couple and becomes good friends with their children

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A pony that drags a broken leg to work is bought back by a well-meaning couple and becomes good friends with their children

The emotions of animals are so pure that whatever humans do to them, they take it to heart and simply respond. The little boy's friend, the little boy's friend, the one below, who greeted him from the window, ran over from any corner of the farm to visit him every day. The acquaintance of the child and the horse started half a year ago. The little boy wanted to own a pony, so his parents went to a nearby farm to see if there was a suitable horse. At that time, the horse was still young, but its hind legs were injured and could not bend, and could only sway stiffly to both sides when walking. Despite this, the owner at the time still used it as a charging item for children to ride, which would undoubtedly aggravate the injury on the pony's leg. Out of sympathy, the couple planned to buy the poor pony, but considering the torture he suffered, they were both unsure whether he would be willing to let the little boy ride again. As he led the pony home, it stumbled after him like a puppet. It has never lived a free life, and now this is a whole new opportunity. The next morning, the little boy was overjoyed to learn that his parents had indeed brought back a horse. He went to the stable immediately to feed and greet the pony. To the surprise of the couple, the little boy suddenly said, "It looks sad" when expressing his love for the pony. Ma'er's depressed mood can even be felt by unsuspecting children. The couple and the child agreed to take good care of the pony together in the future. Still forced to operate despite the pain, this past must be difficult for the Colts to deal with. The most important thing right now is to let the pony know that the children are friendly and kind. In the days that followed, the little boy went to find the pony to play with every day. Sometimes the little boy sits next to the pony and accompanies it to eat; sometimes, the little boy carefully brushes the pony; more often, the little boy leads the pony across the farm, playing around and exploring... time After a long time, the pony gradually fell in love with this little boy. It often followed the little boy a few steps behind, or circled around him, trying to see what the little brother was doing. The boy's parents thought the process of healing the horse's psychological shadow would take longer, but they didn't expect their friendship to develop so quickly. The ponies gain weight very quickly and gain strength very quickly. It didn't take long for his leg injury to fully heal, and he was able to run around the ranch and play with his friends at full strength. Three months later, with the approval of the veterinarian, the little boy finally rode the horse for the first time. They put him on the horse's back, and then started walking on the reins. Looking at the boy's happy appearance, the couple felt a little incredible in addition to their joy: who would have thought that this horse could not stand even a few months ago and could only be carried into the stable by them? People can be kind and loving, and the little boy really helped bring a pony back to life. He re-taught the horses how to trust and love humans, and now they are brothers and sisters. Today, there are still many people in the world who treat animals as purely consumables. They make money with animals and treat them with no respect for life. At the current level of social development, human beings are indeed inseparable from animal products, but I hope everyone can treat animals with more care and respect. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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