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When the young lady was about to apply lipstick, she found a "special mark" left in the box: hundreds of dollars were gone

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When the young lady was about to apply lipstick, she found a "special mark" left in the box: hundreds of dollars were gone

Some people say that raising a dog is annoying to tear down a house, and raising a cat is annoying to "cheap claws". That's true. Although cats don't have as much physical strength as dogs to demolish homes, just the fact that they like to push things with their "cheap claws" is enough to annoy the shit shovel officer. For example, for the cat in the following story, with a wave of its little claws, a few hundred dollars can be considered gone. Have you started skin care too? It is said that the puppet cat is docile and clingy, not as skinny as other cats, but this little sister's puppet cat "Tuan Tuan" is not like that, and always likes to do things when the owner is not paying attention. This evening, after the young lady washed up, she began to apply skin care products. When she used an expensive lipstick, she was stupid: how did the lid of the lipstick open? At that time, she had a bad feeling in her heart. Sure enough, when she picked up the lipstick, the young lady was at a loss for words: Autumn is here, and you have started skin care, right? It turned out that at some point, most of the lipsticks in the full lipstick box were gone, leaving only an abrupt cat paw print, as if it had been stamped. Needless to say, the lipstick turned into this must be the "masterpiece" of my cat. A good lip balm has become a cat's "foot balm". Hundreds of dollars are wasted in this way. Not to mention how distressed the woman is. At the same time, she is also very regretful. Recalling that after using the lipstick last time, I lightly covered the lid on the box and did not tighten it, so I gave the cat a chance to "make trouble". I can only choose to forgive it. What if it was replaced by veterinarian Xiao Ming when he encountered this, he must have beaten the cat in a fit of rage and made it remember. But the woman's heart was very soft. The anger that was like a volcanic eruption was written off immediately after seeing the cat. She could only cry and forgive it. However, the "causing cat" did not repent because of the owner's forgiveness, and even continued to make mistakes. Taking advantage of the master's sleep at night, he was lying on the master's body and tried to crush her to death. Not only that, but he also bit the little sister's hair, which almost scared the little sister to death. Damn, this cat is really a "filial son". Self-directed? After the little sister shared the video of the cat's feet on the lipstick on the Internet, some people thought it was very interesting, and some netizens thought that the woman was directing and acting by herself. Can a kitten have so much thought? The woman also responded, saying that she was just sharing her life, and there was no need to deliberately take a set of pictures to gain attention, and she didn't have the effort at all. The veterinarian Xiao Ming felt that it was really not unusual for cats to do such things. It was normal for them to like to fiddle with the owner's cosmetics with their cheap claws. Therefore, I also hope that everyone can show more kindness. If you feel that it is not true, you can just draw it away. Message: Cats are naturally curious, and they are destined to like to touch novel things with their claws. Therefore, if the shovel officer does not want the cat to cause damage to the "property" of the home, it is recommended to put away some valuables, so as not to be damaged by the cat and struggle whether to hit them. What to say, since we have cats, we should have some tolerance for them, and be more tolerant. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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