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Inventory of 5 kinds of dogs suitable for housekeeping, the 4th on the list is questioned

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Inventory of 5 kinds of dogs suitable for housekeeping, the 4th on the list is questioned

There are more and more dog breeds to choose from, but each dog has its own strengths. Today, let's take a look at 5 dogs with strong housekeeping skills, and the fourth one is questioned!

Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd is a strong and brave sporting dog that is the most The largest dog breed, known as the "King of Dogs". He has a calm and stable personality, and has a strong ability to protect his master. He used to be a military dog ​​of the former Soviet Union, so it is a piece of cake to let him watch the house.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher is also a large dog breed with high IQ, intelligence and agility. The character is bold, sensitive, loyal to the master, can protect the master at the fastest speed in the event of danger, and has a high degree of training, so its housekeeping ability is beyond doubt.

Chinese Pastoral Dogs

If you want to count which one has the best housekeeping ability, you have to look for Chinese rhubarb. The Chinese pastoral dog has always been a dog praised by many people. It is adaptable, cautious and loyal. Give it a bite and it will guard you until old age. If you want to raise a puppy to guard your home, choose it. Can't go wrong.


Many people don't believe that Chihuahua can watch the house, it is a small dog, and its fighting power is indeed Not dominant, but its advantage is that it is sensitive and vigilant, and it has a strong insight. Once there is trouble, it can sound the alarm, bark loudly, and can play a timely reminder, so it is seen in the dog world. It can also become 6th on the domestic ability ranking.

Chow Chow

Although the Chow Chow looks cute, its size is not small , is also more deterrent, its attack power is also relatively strong, it is loyal and independent, it can protect its master and beware of strangers. Since we talked about dogs that can watch the house, let’s talk about dogs that are not suitable for housekeeping. 01 Husky's lively and jumping character is actually not suitable for housekeeping and nursing homes. It is extremely curious and has a certain degree of destructiveness. It can't tell whether it is good or bad. something! If you want to exercise your husky's ability, or reduce the number of times it is demolished, you must train it. You can use snacks to make it concentrate and train better. 02 The golden retriever's housekeeping ability is also relatively weak, and its vigilance and territorial awareness are not strong. The main reason is that it is warm and friendly to people. I worry that it is also very good to bad people, and it will not show an aggressive posture when encountering strangers. And also greedy, easy to be seduced by others with delicious food. Pet owners who want to raise golden retrievers must understand that golden retrievers are not only greedy, but also prone to shedding, making them a big shedding family. However, if you want to relieve the golden retriever's hair loss, you can start from the diet, feed it a nutritionally balanced and light dog food, promote its hair growth and relieve hair loss. Conclusion: Which of the above dogs who can watch the house do you prefer?

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