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Why do you need to find a good hunting dog abroad, there is a "white dragon dog" in Guizhou, and one can kill a wild boar

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Why do you need to find a good hunting dog abroad, there is a "white dragon dog" in Guizhou, and one can kill a wild boar

When talking about excellent hunting dogs, many people always talk about foreign dog breeds such as the Australian Greyhound and the Argentine Dogo. It is undeniable that these foreign dog breeds are indeed excellent hunting dogs, and they have already become famous and have experienced the test. Some domestic hunting teams for protecting farmers have also introduced excellent hunting dogs from abroad. However, as a country with vast land and abundant resources, China has not lacked excellent hunting dogs since ancient times, such as Liangshan dogs, Mongolian fine dogs, East Sichuan hunting dogs, etc., all of which are good at hunting. However, the best hunting dog in China is in Guizhou, and there is an ancient dog breed called "White Dragon", which enjoys a high reputation in the world. my country's only world-class hunting dog breed. This dog breed is called "Xiasi Dog", which is mainly produced in the southeastern part of Majiang County, Guizhou Province. In ancient times, people followed the survival rule of "relying on the mountains to eat the mountains, and relying on the sea to eat the sea". Guizhou is deep inland and has many mountains. In addition, the mountains are high, the roads are dangerous, the forests are dense and it is inconvenient to communicate with the outside world, so in ancient times, people lived more self-sufficiency. life. The most important daily source of food and livelihood for people living in deep mountains is hunting in the mountains. Having an excellent hunting dog as a helper can often achieve twice the result with half the effort, and can even determine the size of a day's harvest. Based on such an environment, the Lower Division Dog has withstood the long-term test and became the most popular hunting dog of the local Miao people.

The lower dog is as white as jade and looks fierce

The biggest characteristic of the lower dog is the snow-white and shiny fur on the body. It looks white as jade. However, because they are raised in most rural areas as hunting dogs, they often run in the mountains, and the white hair on their bodies will inevitably stain with soil and turn yellow, thereby reducing their appearance. However, as long as it is cleaned, the lower dog will become very beautiful. For example, in the modern era when primitive hunting is gradually withdrawing from the stage, the lower dog is often domesticated as a watch dog. The purebred lower dog is medium in size, generally weighing about 20-30 kg, well-proportioned, with strong limbs, and relatively ruddy nose, mouth, eye circles and other parts. According to the difference in coat, the lower dog can be divided into three types: long-haired, medium-haired, and short-haired. They look ferocious, especially the long-haired lower dog, which looks like a ferocious beast, not angry and arrogant, and it is frightening to look at it. Rarely seen in the genus, it is more common in the large-bodied fierce dog like the Tibetan Mastiff. Dogs belong to the canine family, and the mouths of general canines are relatively long, but the lower dog is a little different. Its head is thick and its mouth is wide and short. These characteristics are somewhat similar to cats.

Fast running speed, strong endurance and explosive power

In ancient Guizhou, the forests were deep and dense, there were many wild animals, and the local people had the habit of hunting. In such an environment The lower dog that grows down, and then has been selected and bred by hunters for a long time, is naturally a good hunter. They have strong limbs, thick soles, strong explosive power, and have strong mobility in complex and changeable mountain and forest terrain. At the same time, they are fast and have strong stamina, and can chase their prey for a long time without giving up until they kill the prey. In ancient times, if hunters had two or three underdogs, most of the hunting was very easy. They found the prey and handed it over to them. The origin of the lower division dog has not been verified, but it is known that in ancient times, they were mostly used for hunting and housekeeping in cottage villages. Due to their outstanding hunting skills, they were mainly cultivated as hunting dogs after the 1990s. It is witty and flexible, has comprehensive hunting skills, is loyal to its owner, and does not give in to intruders. It is said that it can accurately cooperate with the owner's instructions and tactically deal with the prey, so it is known as the all-around master among hunting dogs. Because of its excellent hunting skills, the lower dog enjoys a high reputation internationally, and it is the only dog ​​breed in China that is as famous as the German Shepherd.

Lower dogs are good at hunting wild boars and are known as "wild boar nemesis"

Wild boars are highly adaptable animals that are omnivorous and can eat almost anything Eating, coupled with the super reproductive ability, can give birth to 4-12 small wild boars in one litter, so in ancient times, there were many wild boars in most of the forests in China. There are many mountains and forests in Guizhou, which is naturally the main distribution area of ​​wild boars. Although wild boars look similar to domestic pigs, their personalities are completely opposite. They are fierce and aggressive. Even experienced hunters do not dare to take wild boars lightly. The lower dog is very good at dealing with wild boars. A middle-sized wild boar can be turned over by a lower dog, while a large wild boar needs two or three hunting dogs to deal with it at the same time. In addition to the hunters taking the initiative to take them into the mountains to hunt wild boars, the lower dog also undertakes the heavy task of driving wild boars away on a daily basis. Wild boars will steal crops and often go down the mountain in groups to break into the farmland. At this time, the villagers often release their dogs to drive and hunt them. Every time he acts, the lower dog lives up to expectations, so it is called the "wild boar nemesis" by the local villagers. Downside dogs are best at mountain hunting, because they are raised in this type of environment. The Liangshan dog is also good at mountain hunting in China, which is known as the "shocking wolf", but in terms of dealing with wild boars, the lower division dog is slightly better than the Liangshan dog. The reason why the lower dog can become a hunting dog that is widely loved by hunters, in addition to its strong hunting ability, is also related to its own personality. This is a smart and spiritual dog. It is docile and loyal to the owner, but very fierce to strangers or beasts. . The combination of various characteristics makes the lower dog one of the top three excellent hunting dogs in the world. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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