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Hangzhou found a snow-white animal that looks like a dog and is not afraid of people. This kind of animal is not produced in China

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Hangzhou found a snow-white animal that looks like a dog and is not afraid of people. This kind of animal is not produced in China

In the Jinhuayuan Community of Shouchangyong, Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, an owner found a snow-white animal. From the outside, all the hair on this animal is white, only the eyes and nose are black, and the body and head are like a dog. At first people thought it was a Samoyed. But a closer look reveals that this animal is somewhat different from the common domestic dog image. The animal's tail is noticeably thicker than that of a dog, and the fur on it is fluffy, and the tail is often drooping. In addition, its mouth is relatively narrow and pointed, and its eyes look a little charming. There were people in the crowd who knew more about animals, and they recognized at a glance that this was not a dog, but a white fox. For example, its big tail, flattering color, and pointed mouth all fit the image of a fox. Soon, the surrounding merchants and owners heard that there were white foxes, and they all came over to take a look at Fangrong. This white fox sees people coming to watch, although his eyes are a little frightened, but it is not particularly afraid. It also dares to approach people, and even asks for ham sausage. When it sees someone feeding it, it also dares to come. to eat. Therefore, people speculate that this white fox is likely to be farmed. Later, the staff of the relevant departments arrived, took a lot of effort to capture it, confirmed that it was a reared white fox, and handed it over to the relevant departments for placement.

China does not produce white foxes, it is an exotic species

Many people may not have seen the real white fox, but for the name white fox, we It must not be unfamiliar, because there are many stories about white foxes circulating in our country since ancient times. But you know what? Although white foxes appear frequently in Chinese myths and stories, my country is not the origin of white foxes, and no wild white foxes exist. There are 23 species of foxes in the world, of which only three live in my country, namely: red fox, Tibetan fox and sand fox. Among them, the red fox is the most widely distributed and the most numerous kind of fox. It is relatively large, like a puppy. The hair on its body is like its name, mostly brown and red, and there are also other color variants such as black and silver. Both sand foxes and Tibetan foxes live in the western region, and their habitats are relatively harsh. The white fox is an exotic species in my country. Its origin is in the arctic range, and it lives next to the polar bear. It is also called arctic fox and blue fox. The main distribution countries are Canada, Russia, etc., but there is no distribution in our country, because our country's climate and environment are not suitable for their growth. The white fox is much smaller than the average red fox, weighing only 2.5-4 kilograms. In winter, the hair on the whole body is snow-white and looks very beautiful. Its snow-white and thick hair is not only a good protective color in the ice and snow environment, but also has excellent thermal performance, and can live on the ice field at minus 50 degrees Celsius.

It is popular because of its good looks and is regarded as a pet.

Since our country is not the origin of white foxes, nor does it produce white foxes, then where did these white foxes come from? Woolen cloth? In fact, this is not the first time that people have found the figure of the white fox outside. For example, some time ago, a tourist found a white fox near Mao Maoqing in Xishan Scenic Area, Kunming City, Yunnan Province; and in June, a woman in Dalian also found a white fox on the side of the road. As long as we search for white fox-related keywords on the search engine, we can find a bunch of news. In fact, the white foxes that people find outside are basically raised in captivity, or they escaped by themselves, or were abandoned and released by their owners. When the white fox can come to my country, it has to mention the pet industry. In the beginning, people kept pets well-behaved, either kittens and puppies, or hamsters and white rabbits. Later, with the passage of time, some people were no longer satisfied with conventional pets, and began to try to raise some exotic pets, such as corn snakes, flying squirrels, geckos and so on. Some merchants take a fancy to this market and continue to develop some novel pets. Among them, the white fox is very popular because of its high appearance and its hair feels good to the touch. Once it appeared in the pet market, it was very popular. Many people keep white fox as pets. Raising exotic pets is different from raising conventional pets, and various problems will arise in the follow-up. More importantly, the shit shoveling officer has lost his original interest, so many people choose to abandon them and release them directly into the wild. Of course, there are also some "good-hearted people" who buy white foxes from the market for release.

Don't release animals at will, alien species are harmful

Release is a common topic. The original intention of release is kindness and accumulation of merit, but gradually its meaning becomes Changes have taken place. Some people blindly pursue the process of releasing animals, but they don't care about the results that follow, resulting in a situation of doing bad things with good intentions. In particular, the release of some species that have great harm to the environment is even more harmful to others. For example, alien species such as snapping turtles and alligator gars will cause great harm to the ecological environment of our country. Pingdingshan, Henan did not hesitate to spend more than a month to drain 200,000 cubic meters of lake water, and the incident of catching two crocodile gars is still vivid in my mind, so I hope everyone, do not blindly release the animals, if there are serious consequences due to private release Yes, and may be punished by law. my country does not produce white foxes, which belong to exotic species. Once these captive-bred individuals are released into the wild, they will not have the ability to survive independently in the wild. They can only be fed by people, or they will live in human beings after the wildness has recovered. Nearby, they live by picking up garbage or hunting poultry. And there is a certain threat to children, pets, etc., when stimulated, it will become aggressive. For the ecological environment, although they do not have the ability to compete with native foxes for survival resources, they may bring some hidden diseases caused by artificial high-density breeding to wild animals. Some "unfavorable in the wild" genes preserved by artificial mass reproduction may also be re-introduced to wild populations, thereby causing ecological harm. All in all, it is not advisable to release animals blindly. If you have to carry out animal release activities, you can contact relevant professional organizations, and you can contribute money and effort. For example, my country releases artificially bred Yangtze sturgeon in the Yangtze River every year, and a total of 340,000 sturgeons have been released. You can try to contact them and see if volunteers are needed. This is a meaningful and correct release behavior. In addition, when we see wild animals around us, we should not deal with them privately, but ask professionals to rescue or dispose of the animals. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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