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The woman kept the little milk cat at her grandmother's house, and when she went to see it a few months later, she was stunned: it became a gas tank

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The woman kept the little milk cat at her grandmother's house, and when she went to see it a few months later, she was stunned: it became a gas tank

Recently, such a pet "cat and pig" has become popular in the world. I don't know if you have heard of it. Most of the pets are from grandma's handwriting, and only a few are raised by young people. As for why they are all linked to "grandma", everyone must understand. The "cat pigs" in the following story, veterinarian Xiao Ming would like to call them cat pig plus. All grown into gas canisters? The story takes place in Shandong. The lady is a kind-hearted person who often helps rescue stray animals. Just a few months ago, she picked up a few little civet cats, all of them were thin and looked malnourished. Since the mother cats were missing, Miss Sister was afraid that they would not survive, so she picked them up and brought them home. But she is usually very busy and has no time to take care of them. Thinking that grandma has a lot of free time, and the raccoon cats are easy to support, she sent all the cubs to grandma. Every time I called my grandma and asked about the growth of the kitten, my grandma proudly said that they were raised well. It's been a few months now. Miss and sister went to visit her grandmother to see how the cats were doing. But when she got to her grandmother's house and saw the "little milk cats", she almost didn't recognize them, and she was stunned. Q: Why did it grow into a gas tank? Raised on pig feed? I saw that all the raccoon cats have developed horizontally without exception. The small milk cat that was weak before now looks like a pig. People can't help but question, are they raised on pig feed? A few raccoon cats happily showed their belly to her when they saw the arrival of the young lady, but when they lay down, they were so fat that they couldn't turn over, which was outrageous. Faced with these "pig cats" in front of her, Miss Sister couldn't help laughing and laughing. What did grandma usually feed them to make them fat? It seems that grandma has the potential to raise pigs. It felt like it was going to explode. Later, after Miss Sister shared the video of grandma raising cats on the Internet, netizens from all walks of life couldn't sit still. "Grandma is a master pig raising, she can't make money from running a farm!" a netizen joked. Some netizens commented on asking grandma to disclose the secret recipe for raising cats, saying that no matter how well she eats, her cat will not get fat, and she wants to learn the skills of raising cats from her grandmother. However, some netizens pointed out that the cat is so fat, it is an unhealthy performance. Indeed, the video is interesting but interesting, but cats have a lot of problems. Like their body size, they have long exceeded the standard of healthy cats. I hope the young lady can remind grandma to stop feeding and quickly lose weight for the cats, veterinarian Xiao Ming saw that these cats were about to explode. Message: Cats, like humans, are overweight and can cause a series of diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which cannot be ignored. We usually feed cats in a scientific way, giving them a combination of meat and vegetables to ensure a balanced nutrition. When it is found that the cat has a tendency to be obese, it is necessary to adjust the cat's diet in time, and actively increase the cat's exercise. Fat cats are good, but health is more important. Therefore, the shit shoveling officers who have cats and pigs at home should pay attention to it. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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