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Stray dog ​​living in garbage station, skinny and skinny, changed 40 days after being adopted by woman

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Stray dog ​​living in garbage station, skinny and skinny, changed 40 days after being adopted by woman

The same dogs, stray dogs and pet dogs live very different lives. They can't be like pet dogs, they only need to sell cute and coquettish canned food, snacks and other delicious food, but they need to use up all their energy just to fill their stomachs. Stray dogs have no spiritual sustenance, and it is good to be alive. Just like the stray dog ​​in the story below, in order to survive, he lived in a garbage dump. The story of a stray dog ​​who was thin and "skinny" happened in Jiangsu. The young lady usually rescues stray animals. One day, she received a call for help: In a garbage dump in the countryside, a stray dog ​​has been wandering for many days, seeing that it is getting thinner and thinner. Not too long. After hanging up the phone, the young lady hurried to the designated location. Sure enough, there was a black stray dog ​​lying beside the garbage dump. At first glance, you can't see the flesh on its body, and the prominent bones are even more distressing. After seeing someone coming, the stray dog ​​stood up and limped away. "Don't go!" The young lady stopped it. Knowing that there is no food in the garbage station, the young lady specially brought meat for it. He didn't dare to go forward to eat and heard someone calling him, the stray dog ​​stopped, but he was very hesitant about the meat thrown over by the young lady. Even though he was already licking his tongue, his precautions did not relax at all, and he did not dare to pass. Seeing a stray dog ​​who is so afraid of people, the little sister is only distressed. In order to allow the stray dogs to eat food, she walked away. Sure enough, it didn't dare to come up to eat the meat it left after the young lady had withdrawn more than ten meters away. It ate it in big gulps, and it was delicious. It has not been such a fresh food for a long time. After 40 days of adoption, it changed a lot. After the stray dog ​​had enough to eat and drink, everyone thought of taking it away. Fortunately, it was not aggressive, so it was easy to bring it home. The first thing you do when you get home from a stray dog ​​is to give it a bath. This was probably the dirtiest bath a woman had ever taken, and even after several washes, the water was still cloudy. It can be imagined how it spent in those days in the garbage station. Under the careful feeding of the woman, 40 days passed quickly, and the stray dogs also changed a lot. It is no longer the dirty and thin stray dog. Not only has the hair on its body become longer, but also more meat. The whole dog's mental state appears confident and happy. Yes, it has a home and is loved. It went well. I believe no one could have imagined that the timid stray dog ​​would become like this, okay? It was the woman who gave it the chance to be reborn. Thanks to kind people, so that the dog can regain its best appearance. Although its first half of life was very hard, but luckily, it met kind people, and it will go to the peak of dog life in the future. Message: In fact, stray dogs are not bad, they just become embarrassed because of long-term wandering. If they can also have a good living environment, they can also be cute and happy like pet dogs. So, when we see stray dogs, don't despise them for being dirty or ugly. If you also like dogs, please give them a chance and believe that you can harvest a different dog in the future. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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