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Drink eight kinds of good tea at a time to see which one is your life tea

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Drink eight kinds of good tea at a time to see which one is your life tea

In 2014, Yi Yi became attached to tea because of a short video. In 2022, a self-created tea brand "Songqian Tea Room". After 8 years of precipitation, Yiyi began to walk into the tea mountain, to the origin of tea, and cooperated with local tea farmers and tea makers to supply directly from the source, bringing you a cup of clean and good tea. This year, we kept walking and walked into Taimu Mountain and Wuyi Mountain in Fuding, as well as Blang Mountain and Manzhuan Ancient Tea Mountain in Yunnan... This year, we blindly tested hundreds of teas and finally selected them for everyone. Eight good teas. Now, we have put together these eight good teas, packed them into a tea box, and named it "Matsuzen Tea Room · Eight Cups". Tea has thousands of flavors, and the palatability is precious. Everyone's tastes and preferences are different, and the process of drinking tea is also a process of constantly discovering surprises and updating one's preferences. Therefore, we hope that friends who like early adopters and beginners can discover their favorite flavors and find their own "Benming Tea" through "Eight Cups". There are eight kinds of good tea in the "Songqian Tea Room · Eight Cups" tea box: 2020 Songqian Tea Room · White Peony (5g) 2015 Songqian Tea Room · Laoshoumei (5g) 2016 Songqian Tea Room · Brown Ancient Tree Tea Pu'er Ripe Tea (5g) 2015 Songqian Tea Room · Barbarian Brick Spring Pu'er Raw Tea (5g) 2022 Songqian Tea Room · Spring Return (8g) 2022 Songqian Tea Room · Narcissus (8g) 2022 Songqian Tea Room · Dahongpao (8g) 2022 Songqian Tea Room ·Shuiliandong Cinnamon (8g) "Don't think about the endless things in the world, and drink a cup of tea in front of you." For tea lovers, you can't go without tea for a day. If you want to taste good tea in the world, the best way is to drink more. "Matsuzen Tea Room · Eight Cups", in a lightweight way, allows everyone to taste eight kinds of good tea at one time, so as to find the one they like. The tea box can be opened like a book, full of ritual. Tea is like life, drinking tea is not only reading tea, but also reading the world and people. Drinking tea is still a kind of practice. From cups of tea soup, we can see through the ups and downs of the world. There is also a leaflet inside the tea box, detailing the drinking method and comprehensive evaluation of each tea. Buying for self-drinking can enhance your comprehensive understanding and appreciation of these eight good teas. For beginners, these eight kinds of tea can also be regarded as a standard tea sample that must be drunk for beginners. Each tea box is also equipped with a beautiful handbag, which is also very meaningful for elders and friends who love tea. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼The special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. 2015 Manzhuantou Pu'er Raw Tea This Manzhuantou spring, the raw material is produced in the ancient tea garden of Yunnan Manzhuan Tea Mountain Walong Village, which is the first spring in 2015. material. The dry tea strips are clear and yellowish-brown, the buds and leaves are thick, black and shiny. The tea soup is bright and apricot yellow, with a high aroma, the tea soup is full of taste, and the mellow is very good. Take a sip, and the sweet taste fills your lips. Wild rhyme, the biggest feature of this pretty brick spring. The mouth of the cup is sniffed, and the strong mountain atmosphere is blowing. The soup is also sweet with a refreshing rock sugar, which lasts for a long time. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼The special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. 2016 Brown Mountain Pu'er Ripe Tea This Brown ancient tree tea (Pu'er ripe tea) is produced from the Brown Mountain ancient tea tree. After 6 years of aging, the dry tea is dark brown, with a yellowish brown and more oily. After 6 years of precipitation, the tea soup of this cooked tea is dark red and thick, and the color is like red wine. Fresh and refreshing is the unique flavor of this Brown Ancient Tree Tea, and it is rare to drink Pu-erh cooked tea as sweet and refreshing as it is. The taste is fresh, sweet and glutinous, very clean and free of miscellaneous odors. The fragrance of lotus and jujube is intertwined with waxy fragrance, which is refreshing. After 6 years of dry storage, the floral and woody aromas have transformed into a faint old fragrance. Continuous storage and transformation, the old fragrance is stronger and the taste is fresher. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼The special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. 2020 White Peony This 2020 Fuding Taimu Mountain white peony is made of high-quality raw materials and is made of ancient craftsmanship by practitioners. The dry tea has distinct pekoe, green leaves and green leaves, full of vitality. The color of the soup is cognac color, the light gold is dazzling, and the tea base is green and fresh, showing the spring feeling. There are surprises at the entrance, fresh and sweet, and the bottom of the tongue is full of saliva. The tea soup is fragrant and refreshing, with rich floral aroma and rich taste. After three soaks, the body is slightly hot, and the body feels mild, suitable for all seasons. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼The special offer expires at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. The 2015 Laoshoumei This 2015 Laoshoumei is produced in Taimu Mountain, Fuding, Fujian. This is a 7-year-old Shoumei, which has become a "treasure" in the mouth of white tea customers. In terms of appearance, it has large leaves and many long stems. The color of dry tea is tan, reddish-brown, and green, with a natural feeling of dead leaves, mainly old leaves. After brewing, the tea soup exudes the fragrance of jujube and glutinous rice, and the aroma is balanced. The golden-yellow tea soup is translucent and has a slightly thick texture. The entrance is smooth and sweet, and the fine product has a sweet taste. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼Special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. In 2022, Shuiliandong Cinnamon This tea is produced in Shuiliandong, Zhengyan Mountain Field, Wuyi Mountain. There is more sunlight in the Shuiliandong Mountain Field, so the Shuiliandong Cinnamon Mountain Field has obvious characteristics, fragrant aroma and strong rock rhythm. The dry tea is black in color, the strands are oily, plump and firm. Boiled with boiling water, the aroma is fully released, the tea soup is bright orange and red, and there is a cinnamon scent from time to time. The entrance is refreshing and energetic, the taste is domineering, it has a strong penetration, the throat rhyme is lasting, and the fragrance of rock bone flowers always accompanies it. After two or three soaks, the cool feeling stimulates the tongue, and a sweet feeling spreads out at the base of the tongue. In this cycle, the clear "rock rhyme" atmosphere becomes stronger and stronger, as if the Wuyi mountains and rivers are in sight again. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼The special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. In 2022, this narcissus is made of narcissus tea from the core mountain field of Zhengam. The dry tea strips are plump, oily and bright, with ample aroma. After brewing, the soup is bright orange and bright, and the fragrance of daffodils is strong and lasting. After tasting it, the taste is mellow, sweet and refreshing, with obvious throat rhythm, and a unique orchid fragrance, with a lasting aftertaste. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼The special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. In 2022, Dahongpao This Dahongpao is made of tea green raw materials from the core mountain farm of Zhengyan, and its quality is guaranteed. The shape of dry tea is tightly tied, with the sharpness of cinnamon, the softness of narcissus, and the aroma of varieties. The tea soup is orange-yellow and translucent, full of water fragrance, clear and thick. The aroma is fragrant with orchid fragrance, the fragrance is high and long-lasting, mellow and sweet, and the "rock rhyme" is obvious. Songqian Tea Room·Eight Cups▼The special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022. Spring return in 2022, also known as Chun Gui, number 308, is a small variety of high-fragrant rock tea that has been successfully cultivated in recent years. Lightly roasted fire-dry tea, dark brown in color, slightly curly, with a nutty milky aroma. Put it in a gaiwan, and smell it a few more times, and there is a bit of spring flower fragrance. When brewing, the floral aroma is revealed and strong and lasting, the taste is mellow and refreshing, and the soup is also fragrant. The fragrance of osmanthus is particularly pronounced, the taste is mellow and sweet, and the fragrance in the soup is obvious. Matsumae Tea Room·Eight Cups▼Special offer ends at 23:59 on September 30, 2022


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