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A yellow-throated mink appeared in Daba Mountain, Chongqing. It moves fast and steals poultry. Besides meat, it loves honey

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A yellow-throated mink appeared in Daba Mountain, Chongqing. It moves fast and steals poultry. Besides meat, it loves honey

The Daba Mountain National Nature Reserve, located in the northernmost part of Chongqing, is a typical forest ecosystem reserve. The main protection objects are the subtropical forest ecosystem and its biodiversity. The protected area is interspersed with valleys and mountains, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 79.3%, including large areas of virgin forests. Most of the local area has a north subtropical climate, with hot and rainy summers and mild and little rainy winters. The superior natural ecology and suitable climatic environment make Daba Mountain a home for many "rare and exotic animals", and countless wild animals thrive here. There are as many as 706 species of wild animals in the reserve, including leopards, golden eagles, forest musk deer, Asian golden cats, civet cats and other national key protected animals. When the staff of Chongqing Dabashan Nature Reserve recently sorted out the monitoring data of infrared cameras, they were pleasantly surprised to find that they had captured many pictures of precious wildlife activities, including yellow-throated mink. I saw a yellow-throated mink walking into the camera on a hillside. It has a strong physique and agile posture. It first came to a large rock and rubbed and smelled it. It was roughly marking the smell. Then jumped up and down, tossed left and right, and frolic for a while. Later, the yellow-throated marten seemed to be attracted by something, or was frightened by something, it ran down the left hillside quickly, and finally disappeared in front of the camera.

The body is slender and the head is triangular

The yellow-throated mink is a mustelidae, mink, with a relatively petite body and an adult After that, the weight is only 2-3 kilograms. To be honest, it may not be as heavy as many pet cats. The hair on their body is mainly black and yellow, the head and neck, the back of the body, the limbs, and the tail are dark brown to black, and the hair on the throat and chest is bright yellow. Throat mink". Their bodies are slender and soft. Although their limbs are short, they are strong and powerful. Scientists believe that this body structure is the most suitable for fighting. As we all know, most mustelids have such a body shape, and they are indeed fierce and powerful. , the combat power is very strong. The whole head of the yellow-throated mink is triangular, the ears are short and round, and there is a long black tail. The fur on the body is soft and tight. There are 5 toes on each of the front and rear limbs. The toes are long with strong claws. Catching prey and climbing above, has a strong advantage. The yellow-throated mink mainly inhabits the eastern region of the subspecies and is distributed in many parts of my country. They are species in forest ecosystems with strong adaptability. For example, the mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forests in Qinling, alpine forests in Hainan, and Korean pine forests in Northeast China all have exact survival records of yellow-throated marten.

Fast action, can steal poultry

Small mustelids are known for their fast action, and the yellow-throated marten is also a representative species, especially in pursuit of prey At times, it can show strong predation ability. Although their legs are relatively short, they are strong and powerful, and their running speed is not bad at all. The yellow-throated marten is active both day and night, but scientists have found that it is more active in the morning and dusk. They have an alert temperament, excellent eyesight, and good hearing. During patrolling in the forest or during foraging, they can be alerted by abnormal noises around them. If there is a situation, it will stop all activities first, stay in place to listen carefully and observe around, and run away immediately when it detects something wrong. The yellow-throated marten is not only fast, but also has strong climbing ability. Whether it is rocks, cliffs, or tall trees, the yellow-throated marten can quickly climb up. Excellent skills make the yellow-throated marten excellent. Predatory skills. On weekdays, the yellow-throated mink mainly feeds on various animals such as mice, squirrels, badgers, raccoons, and birds. They are carnivores, and they are not picky eaters. Animals that meet their hunting targets will basically become their prey targets. Among all the prey, the yellow-throated marten likes to eat squirrels. As long as they find traces of squirrels, they will spare no effort to hunt them down. In addition to carnivorous food, honey is definitely the yellow-throated mink's favorite food, and it often eats honey with its flexible claws, so the yellow-throated mink is also called "honey dog". Of course, some individuals living near Linyuan Village will sneak into the village to steal poultry. However, because the yellow-throated marten is more similar to the weasel (weasel), people often let the weasel bear the blame.

Ferocious character, good at being small and big

Small mustelids are famous for being good at being small and big, they are often able to hunt and kill a lot more than them size of prey. The yellow-throated marten is known as "the wolf of the weasel family". Although it is relatively petite and weighs less than a puppy, its personality is extremely fierce. Medium and large prey such as forest musk deer and goral. They are very intelligent and know how to use the terrain and environment to kill some difficult prey. For example, the yellow-throated mink often hides on the branches, closely watching the situation on the ground. Once a prey passes under the branches, it will immediately jump down and kill it, killing the opponent by surprise. Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve rescued a giant panda named "Pingping" in 2014. When it was found, it had a 4cm-long wound on its stomach, which looked very serious. Sure enough, due to the serious injury of "Pingping", and the fact that it was found relatively late, the wound was seriously infected, and the intestines were even exposed. As for what caused the giant panda to be injured? People have different opinions, one of which is speculation that the yellow-throated marten, people think that the yellow-throated marten attacked the giant panda. Although it could not be confirmed in the end, from the fact that it is so small, it will be regarded as the object of suspicion, which shows the fierceness of the yellow-throated marten. The giant panda "Pingping"

Two yellow-throated martens cooperate to hunt down the forest musk deer

The name of the yellow-throated marten "Wolf of the Mustelidae" is not in vain. They prefer to act alone on weekdays, but they also cooperate when faced with large prey. In January 2022, Ren Wenbo, a staff member of the Changqing Nature Reserve, and others witnessed the phenomenon of two yellow-throated minks cooperating to hunt down a forest musk deer during their field patrol, and recorded it. At that time, the reserve was already white, the hillsides were covered with snow, and it was extremely difficult for people to walk. Suddenly, a forest musk deer ran not far away, followed by two yellow-throated minks, obviously this was a hunting scene. Photographed by Ren Wenbo The two yellow-throated martens still have strong mobility on the snow, and they are chasing after Lin Mu. I don't know whether to say that Lin musk is lucky, or that the yellow-throated mink is unlucky, this time they encountered humans. Lin musk stopped more than 20 meters away from the people, and the yellow-throated marten also saw the human being, and was afraid, so he decisively gave up the pursuit, turned and entered the dense forest, and Lin musk also escaped. Through this incident, it is also enough to prove that the yellow-throated marten is a smart and powerful predator. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.

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