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The mythical beast "Baxia" hatched in Zhejiang is rarer than giant pandas, and there may only be 200 left in China

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The mythical beast "Baxia" hatched in Zhejiang is rarer than giant pandas, and there may only be 200 left in China

On August 31, a major event occurred in Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province. Several staff members of the aquatic organism proliferation and release station of the Tankeng Hydropower Station were staring at the eggs in the constant temperature incubator. After discovering that these eggs showed signs of hatching yesterday, the webmaster Ye Chengyi did not dare to be sloppy for a moment, and kept staring at the incubator, for fear that something might go wrong. At 1:30 in the morning, when people were drowsy, one of the 6 eggs in the incubator finally had a small opening, and a head that looked like a turtle emerged from the egg shell. From the appearance point of view, this animal is really similar to the turtle, except that the head is smaller, the neck cannot be stretched too long, the carapace begins to merge with the skin of the neck at the forelimbs, and the head cannot be fully retracted into the body . Although its appearance is ordinary, the rarity of this animal is comparable to that of giant pandas, golden monkeys, baiji dolphins and other animals, and even fewer in number than giant pandas. ', it is 黃 (yuán). There are only 13 adult turtles under artificial conservation in the whole country, and there may only be about 200 turtles left in China, and the wild individuals are even rarer. Since 2015, two wild turtles have been fostered by the Qingtian Turtle Conservation Office in breeding and exile. After the station, the station manager Ye Chengyi has been waiting for this moment for 7 years, and now he finally has the harvest, and the hatchlings have successfully hatched. It is an important means for the restoration of the canola population resources. The hatched juveniles are active

"Water Giant Panda"

The scorpion is an ancient and rare animal that has lived in nature for 175 million years. Yuan is also considered to be the sixth son of the dragon in myths and legends, that is, the prototype of Baxia. Baxia is a kind of auspicious beast in my country. It looks like a turtle. It is good at carrying heavy objects and carries a stone tablet on its back. The statue of Baxia Tuobei belongs to the genus Turtle. It looks like a turtle, or it can be said to look like a turtle, and don't look at the small one just hatched. It doesn't look like the size of a palm, but it is a One of the largest soft-shelled turtles in my country, the body length can grow to 60 cm, and the large one can grow to more than 1 meter 2, which is equivalent to a round table. The weight of the turtle can reach more than 50 kilograms, and the largest can exceed 100 kilograms. It is said that someone has done an experiment, pressing a 150 kg stone bar on an 80 kg scorpion, and letting six strong men lie on the stone bar, the total weight is estimated to have exceeded 500 kg, but the scorpion can still carry them. Climb to the heart of the river. I don't know if this story is true or not. After all, now the turf has become an endangered animal, and no one dares to really come to such an experiment to test whether the turf really has this magical power. However, Yuan's load-bearing ability is undoubtedly very good. There are records of Yuan in many ancient Chinese books, and Long Ziba said that it is the same. Compared with ordinary turtles, the necks of turtles are not so long, and they cannot flex their necks to attack at 720 degrees like turtles. Their carapace is flatter than that of turtles, and there are thicker and longer skirts on both sides of the carapace, which makes them more capable of burrowing than turtles. The difference between a turtle and a turtle After burrowing into the sand, the turtle will only leave a pair of small eyes and a short nose on the outside, which is also an important feature that distinguishes it from the turtle. Their nose is much shorter than that of the turtle, and it Its teeth are sharp enough to bite through the shells of snails and shellfish, so getting bitten by them is no joke. In order to maintain a huge body size, the turtle has a very large food intake. It eats a lot of fish, shrimp and snails every day. If it is in autumn and winter, before they mate and hibernate, the turtle can eat food equivalent to 5% of its body weight at a time. It doesn't matter if you eat enough food, the turtle has a strong ability to withstand hunger. After someone caught the turtles, they found that they would not only go on a hunger strike, but also spit out what they had eaten before, and they could last for more than ten days. From May to September every year is the breeding season of the turtle. The female will quietly climb ashore at night, and then dig a hole up to 40 cm deep on the sunny side of the beach, and then lay eggs. After the end, the hole will be filled up, then camouflaged, and then returned to the water by another way. When the time comes to November, the turtle will go into hibernation at the bottom of the water on time. This sleep will last until April of the next year, which is equivalent to half a year of activity and sleep for half a year. The turtle can not only breathe with the lungs, but also with the skin. , so they don't drown while hibernating. In ancient my country, there were not a lot of turtles, and even in the Ming and Qing dynasties, there were still a lot of them. However, due to the destruction of the water environment and the rampant hunting and killing of people, the number of turtles has now reached the brink of extinction. . People think that the taste of the turtle is as delicious as the turtle, and it is even recorded in the Zuo Zhuan: the people of Chu State offered turtle meat to Zheng Linggong, and the son Song knew about it and wanted to taste the taste of the turtle, but Zheng Linggong gave it to others, But he didn't give it to the son of Song. In a rage, son-in-law Song said, "Involved in the tripod and tasted it", Zheng Linggong was furious because of this. The disagreement between the two led to the later civil unrest in Zheng. The two allusions of the finger and the tripod and the big movement of the index finger come from this story. Moreover, Yuan is also believed to have the functions of repelling snakes and insects, eliminating the toxic and side effects of various drugs, and helping to connect broken limbs. However, it’s hard to say whether the turkey has medicinal value, but it is true that there are a lot of heavy metals deposited in the body, and there are a lot of toxic chemicals such as pesticides. Various modern pollutions have long deposited a pile of toxic and harmful substances in wild animals, not to mention various viruses and parasites. Turtles have a long lifespan, so they accumulate more toxic substances such as heavy metals in their bodies than other animals.

Spotted turtles and turtles

turtles are often mistaken for turtles, but there is another creature that was once thought to be turtles, which are even rarer than turtles , There are only 4 known individuals in the world, and it is the spotted soft-shelled turtle. In fact, there are many differences between the turtle and the turtle. There are stripes on the sides of the turtle's head, the nose is like a pig's nose, and its carapace and neck are not connected by the skin. These features can be said to be very different from the turtle. same. However, the soft-shelled turtle has always been regarded as a kind of turtle, and it is called "Leap-headed turtle". There are two records about it in China's four famous novels. In "Journey to the West", it is an old turtle that carries the Tang monk, master and apprentice four people across the Tongtian River. The original text describes it like this: "There is a real way to nourish the qi and the spirit. For many years, the powder has covered the leprosy turtle." That is to say, it may not be the turtle that carried the Tang monk's master and apprentice, but a leprosy turtle, that is, the spotted turtle. In the twenty-three episodes of "A Dream of Red Mansions", Jia Baoyu also mentioned the leprosy. In addition to this, there are allusions such as "Tuan Tu is a beam", which also refers to the spotted turtle. Turtles and turtles have long been mistaken for one species. In 1873, a British scholar discovered the difference between the two, and named the soft-shelled turtle as S. terrestris, but it has not been paid attention to. In 1993, Professor Zhao Kentang of Suzhou Institute of Science and Technology used a lot of evidence to show that the soft-shelled turtle is not a subordinate of the turtle. kind. However, it was not until 2003 that the leprosy turtle officially changed its name to the spotted turtle, which was separated from the turtle. However, the number of turtles was on the verge of extinction, and the number of turtles was even more appalling. In 2011, there were only 4 known individuals of the spotted soft-shelled turtle in the world, 2 of which were in China and 2 in Vietnam. And the two in China happen to be a male and a female. Experts have transported female turtles to the Suzhou Zoo since 2007, allowing the two turtles to live together in an attempt to reproduce offspring. But maybe it was too old, and the two turtles had not been able to lay eggs that could hatch. In 2019, there was an accident in the artificial breeding program, and the female spotted turtle died after being rescued. The hope of the turtles to restore the population was extinguished. A 100-year-old female turtle in Vietnam also died in 2016. At that time, many people were pessimistic that the extinction of the soft-shelled turtle was a foregone conclusion, but in 2020, another soft-shelled turtle was discovered in Dong Mo Lake, Vietnam, and it was determined that it was a female, and the Vietnamese government also believed that in Hoan Kiem There is also a spotted turtle in the waters near the lake and Dongmo Lake. The number of soft-shelled turtles has recovered to 4, but this time it is 3 in Vietnam and 1 in China. Luckily in the misfortune, whether it is a turtle or a turtle that was mistaken for a turtle, there is still a chance to recover. Reference material "Can Leap-headed Turtles Continue the Incense? " Zhao Jie, "Research on the Conservation Biology of Endangered Animal Turtle" Hong Xiaowen


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