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The owner of the pet store found a stray cat outside the door, and when he got closer to see it clearly, he was speechless: Why is it you?

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The owner of the pet store found a stray cat outside the door, and when he got closer to see it clearly, he was speechless: Why is it you?

Would you abandon your cat for special reasons? After many people raise cats, they will suddenly face some problems, such as pregnancy, moving, or having children at home, etc., and then feel that it is not suitable for cats, so they have the idea of ​​abandoning cats. Just like the cat in the story below, who did nothing wrong and became a stray cat. how are you? The story takes place in Gansu Province. When the pet store owner was chatting with a friend in the store that day, he found a stray cat lingering at the door. It glanced inside from time to time and did not leave for a long time. Although the boss is a pet breeder, he is also kind-hearted and hurried out to see if he can help. When she got closer to see the cat's appearance, she recognized it at a glance, and cried out in surprise, "Why are you?" It turned out that this "stray cat" was actually a tortoiseshell sold by the store half a year ago. tabby cat. The boss didn't know why the sold cat appeared at the door of his store, so he quickly contacted its owner and asked the owner to claim it back. I can't contact the owner, and it shows that I have been blocked. After dialing the owner's number several times, it shows that no one answers. What's even more annoying is that the contact information was blocked by the owner directly, and I can't be contacted again. . Recalling the previous series of actions of the original owner, and the fact that the cat is now stray, the boss instantly understood: the cat was abandoned. It turned out that the owner of the cat brought the cat to the store a long time ago and asked the boss to help the cat find adoption. She said that she was leaving the city and left the city, so it was inconvenient to take it with her. At that time, the boss refused, because there have been many unpleasantness due to adoption before, so the owner asked the owner to find a reliable person. Unexpectedly, the cat ushered in the end of becoming a stray cat. As for why the cat appeared at the door of his store, the boss guessed that there are two possibilities. One is that the cat has been groomed in the store a few times and it remembers it, and the other is that the owner abandoned it at the door. But the specific reason is not important now. Since the owner chose to escape, there is no need to contact him anymore. No one gave it to the boss and decided to take care of it himself this time, and no one wanted it. Being able to meet it on the Mid-Autumn Festival also proves that it is indeed fate. It was originally a cat in the store, and now it is considered a reunion. In addition, the boss named the cat "sesame paste", and it will never be abandoned for the rest of his life. At the same time, the boss also appeals to those who have the idea of ​​raising cats now, not to raise cats on a whim. Pets are also life and family members. Since they are raised, please be responsible to the end. Indeed, the one who can directly abandon the cat in the end must not really like cats. Otherwise, who would have the heart to let a furry child with eyes full of you stray? Message: It's time for the old-fashioned "pet abandonment" topic. No matter what the reason, if you can't keep your pet, you shouldn't just abandon it. It is impossible to find a home for them. There are many people who want to adopt pets these days, and it doesn't take long to find a new home for them. Think about it, the pets that have been with you for so long, and let them be reduced to the street like this, will their conscience really not hurt? I hope everyone can act and cherish, take good care of pets, and be a responsible person. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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