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When the owner catches the mouse, he leads the dog to strengthen his courage, but the dog catches it in one bite: the real version of the dog takes the mouse

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When the owner catches the mouse, he leads the dog to strengthen his courage, but the dog catches it in one bite: the real version of the dog takes the mouse

Nowadays, the process of urbanization is getting faster and faster, and the rural construction is getting better and better. In most areas, mice are rarely found in homes. Therefore, when I was comfortably slumped on the sofa and brushed my mobile phone, if a huge mouse suddenly appeared beside me, everyone would be startled. In Chengdu, Sichuan, there is a couple of shit shoveling officials who have several Czech wolf dogs and a border shepherd. When taking the big dog out for a walk every day, it is full of security. For example, when you go to an ATM to withdraw money, you no longer have to worry about the password being seen by people behind you: let alone the distance of one meter, with the deterrence of dogs, four or five meters can be freed. That night, the two of them were staying in the room when they suddenly saw a big mouse come out from behind the curtains, and then jumped around behind various cabinets and shelves. The couple are very afraid of mice, and they dare not catch them when they see them. The two were silent for a while with big eyes and small eyes, and then the husband suggested: Do you want to put the dog in to strengthen your courage? The wife thought it was feasible, so several big wolves filed in and began to search around the room. With the company of the dog, the two suddenly filled with courage, and began to think about finding some tools to drive the mice away. At the same time, some of the dogs were sniffing the curtain where the mice got in, and some were probing back and forth in front of the cabinets where the mice were hiding, and they were quite dutiful. Finally, the mouse was forced behind the shoe rack by the man and the dog. Seeing that something was wrong, it kicked its calf and quickly ran to the large wardrobe next to it, trying to hide behind the wardrobe. If this is really allowed to hide, the wardrobe and clothes will probably suffer. At this moment, one of the Czech wolfdogs named Xia Xia had quick eyes and claws. When the mouse just ran to the side of the wardrobe, he quickly pounced on it, successfully biting the mouse in his mouth and taking out the door. The other dogs saw that the prey had been caught, so they ran out with Summer. The couple just planned to use the dog to be brave, and they couldn't help but feel very happy when they saw the dog caught the mouse in one fell swoop. The dog that has been raised for more than three years, but has never been trained, is now catching a mouse for the first time, which undoubtedly surprised the couple. It is said that dogs are meddling with mice, but it is actually quite happy to meet them. With a mouse in his mouth, Summer began to run around the yard triumphantly, as if to show off his achievements. Seeing that the mouse was not completely dead for a while, the two masters just put down their hearts again, and laughed and told the dog not to bring the mouse to their side. In the end, the mouse still failed to survive from the dog's mouth, and Xia Xia was also driven to gargle by the owner. When ordered by the owner to spit out the mouse, the dog still looked depressed: I caught the prey, why is the owner not happy? Presumably this aggrieved dog is the same as those who caught cockroaches and placed them on the owner's pillow but were trained Cats must have a common language! Hey, no matter how smart a pet is, it doesn't understand the owner's heart! In the end, veterinarian Xiao Ming wants to say that it is not bad that pets can help catch the "intruder" in the home, but for the sake of safety and hygiene, if the capture process is not smooth, it is better to ask professionals to do it as much as possible! The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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