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These 6 kinds of dogs are worth keeping: they don't shed hair and have good temperaments

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These 6 kinds of dogs are worth keeping: they don't shed hair and have good temperaments

Nowadays, many people want to raise dogs, but they are very worried that there will be "a little snow in three days and a heavy snow in five days" at home, resulting in dog hair all over the house. If you have this concern, you might as well choose the following 6 kinds of dogs. They have good personalities, worry-free to raise, and do not lose hair!

Chinese Crested Dog

Character: Lively, cheerful, witty and brave Chinese Crested Dog is also known as "Chinese Crested Dog" "hair dog", its biggest feature is that it is hairless, so hair loss has almost nothing to do with it. And its skin color is a color, and the collision of various colors is also very innovative. And it itself loves cleanliness very much, which makes the owner more worry-free. Feeding advice: Due to the feature of hairless skin, its skin is bare and without the protection of hair, and sometimes it is easy to damage the skin, so pets should take good care of it to avoid scratches and scratches on the skin.

Berlington Terrier

Character: Bold, brave, agile and agile, Bedlington Terriers have always been sheep-like Dogs have thick, naturally curly hair that changes color with the seasons, but it is most praised for not shedding hair. It is quiet, stable in temperament, and has a high rate of return. Those who like it can try it boldly. Breeding suggestion: Don't look at it so cute, in fact, it is a hunting dog, and it is full of vitality. The pet owner should meet its sports needs and spend more time taking it out for walks and exercise.


Character: Smart, active, elegant and noble When the hair is flying all over the sky, it rarely sheds, and it has a good personality, lively and clever, and has a small appetite. It is very suitable as a family companion dog. Feeding advice: The pet owner should pay attention to controlling its salt intake in the process of raising the poodle. If it eats too much salt for a long time, it will cause its hair to fade and tear marks to appear.

West Highland White Terrier

Personality: Gentle, affectionate, alert The West Highland White Terrier is a terrier In dogs, hair loss is very rare. It is small and cute, has a gentle personality, is patient, has a high IQ, and is highly adjustable. It is very good to be raised as a pet dog. Breeding suggestions: The West Highland White Terrier has white hair all over the body, and the hair is slightly longer. The pet owner needs to pay more attention to its cleanliness, brush its hair more, avoid knots, and keep it beautiful all the time.


Character: Lively, outgoing, well-behaved and independent Schnauzer nicknamed "Little Old Man" Rui, very cute, although its hair is relatively long and not easy to take care of, but it actually sheds very little, almost insignificant. Feeding advice: Pay attention to wiping the hair around the mouth to keep it clean and beautiful, and it is also prone to tear marks. In addition to helping it clean more, you can also start from the diet and feed it light and psyllium formula. Grain feeding can effectively manage tear stains.

Bichon Frise

Character: Warm, docile, well-behaved and clingy Bichon Frise looks like a white The cotton ball is very likable, it has a docile personality, is very dependent on the owner, and has a deep love for the owner. It is a dog that does not shed very much, and it smells a little fragrant, and even has a unique "scent", which is very suitable for domestication. Feeding suggestions: Small dogs like Bichon Frise are sticky and need the company of their pet owners. The pet should spend more time interacting with it and play games. Occasionally rewarding it with some snacks can also make it feel more clearly. To the pet owner's love, enhance the sense of security. Conclusion: Which dog without shedding would you like?

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