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"Shiba Inu" - half of the world of expression packs, I only choose it for raising dogs

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"Shiba Inu" - half of the world of expression packs, I only choose it for raising dogs

Shiba Inu occupies half of the world of dog expression packs. Do you want to raise a walking "expression pack"? Do you want to have a happy "little playboy"? That Shiba Inu will definitely be your best choice!

01 Shiba Inu Small History:

Shiba Inu is an ancient dog breed produced in Japan. It is said that its ancestors are Chinese pine Born of a cross between a Shih-dog and a Japanese Kishu-dog. There are two theories about the origin of the name of Shiba Inu. One is that it is small in size, which is convenient for chasing prey in the bushes, while "Chai" refers to low shrubs in Japanese. Rather, it refers to its reddish-brown hair that is very similar to firewood withered in late autumn, hence the name.

02 Why do you choose Shiba Inu for your dog? You can first take a look at the experience of netizens.

Netizen 1: My little Chai is very well behaved and has excellent understanding skills. I brought it back to my grandma's house for the holidays. It has never been in contact with my grandma at all, but when I met my grandma, I was very close. All the instructions were completed with a smile, making my grandmother so amused that she was as enthusiastic as a golden retriever. Netizen 2: My Chai gives me peace of mind. I never rub against dirty places when I go out. When I encounter small water stains on the ground, those little claws hide far away, so now we all call it the elegant Ms. Chai. ,Hahaha. Netizen 3: I want to keep a Shiba Inu because of its bright smile, but it's really good-looking, yes, I'm such a superficial person! After raising it, I found that it has really many programs, and it is not boring at all, and its funny expressions are often my happy switch.

03 Advantages of Shiba Inu:

①One of the advantages of producing Shiba Inu with emoticons is that it will have a steady stream of The expression pack production machine, with its "dramatic essence" attribute, is not a dream to realize the daily change of expression packs, and you will no longer be afraid of bickering and finding expression packs! ②Excellent optimistic soul Shiba Inu looks very healing, and will wear a smiling face all day long, and can convey happy emotions to the owner. When thinking about returning home, it is filled with warm welcome, and all tiredness is swept away. . ③Quiet and independent Shiba Inu is a dog that does not like to be noisy. It will not make a lot of noise at will, and it is relatively independent. When the owner is busy, he can entertain himself and take care of himself. ④Witty and brave Shiba Inu is still a relatively smart dog, and the training level is relatively high, so the pet owner does not need to worry about it. Moreover, it is also loyal and brave, not afraid in the face of danger, and may guard the home to protect the owner. ⑤ Clean Body Odor The Shiba Inu loves cleanliness. In many cases, it will clean up its own hair and will not turn itself into a "little dirty dog", and its body odor is also relatively light, almost OK neglect.

04 Disadvantages of Shiba Inu:

①It is an "active ghost" Shiba Inu is still quite energetic, so if you can't go outside If you have fun, then it is likely to cause trouble and damage to the owner at home, and its destructive power is not weak! So if you want it not to be demolished, you still need to take it out more, let it fully consume energy, and train it more to establish the correct awareness. It is best to train it with snacks, and the effect will be better. ②It is a "hair loss monster". Although Shiba Inu is a short-haired dog, it is actually a "hair loss monster", which may often cause hair to spread all over the house, and it takes time and effort for the pet owner to clean it up. However, most of Shiba Inu hair loss is caused by improper washing, insufficient nutrition and salty diet. If you want to reduce its hair loss, you can use special toiletries to bathe, and the number of baths should not be too frequent. Also pay attention to its diet, it is recommended to choose a low-salt formula + nutritionally balanced dog food to feed it. Conclusion: After reading, will you choose to raise a Shiba Inu?

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