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There are 4 manifestations of "social fear of dogs", is your dog in it?

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There are 4 manifestations of "social fear of dogs", is your dog in it?

I don't know if you know that, in fact, dogs also have "social pressure"? Some dogs even have social phobia! If the dog has the following 4 manifestations, it is very likely to be a "social fear". Have you seen your dog? 1. The performance of "social fear of dogs":

Does not play with other similar dogs

Dogs, like their ancestor wolves, are both It is a pack animal and likes to live in groups. If your dog is unwilling to play with other dogs and take it out, it will only follow the owner closely and ignore other dogs. If you don't pay attention, or even don't want to go out, the dog may be suffering from "social fear".

Shakes when socialized

Some dogs can let go at home, but become cowards when they go out, especially when they are taken When I go to play with other dogs, my body will always keep a certain safe distance, I will tremble, I want to get away from other dogs immediately, and I will often look at the owner, as if saying: Mom, let's go back, I am afraid of these "Social Bull".

Do frequent decompression exercises

When dogs socialize with other dogs, they will be nervous, anxious, and restless just like humans. When the body language is increased unconsciously, there are many small actions to relieve emotions. So when it is socializing with other dogs, it frequently licks its mouth, yawns, scratches its body parts, etc. It may be that it is nervous.

Like a dog to be in a daze

Some dogs like a dog to be in a daze very much. If you are not disturbed, if you are approached by other dogs, you will want to hide, or react to resist stress, which will be the manifestation of its social fear. 2. Why do dogs have social anxiety?

Rarely go out

Many people keep dogs, but they are kept at home and rarely take their dogs out for walks and play. Neglecting socialization training, so the dog will be very lack of socialization, the personality will become quiet and withdrawn, timid and sensitive.


Some dogs are more insecure and socially terrified, possibly because they have been hurt, or He used to wander, so he was vigilant about the outside world and did not want to be in contact with him. He just wanted to stay by the Lord's side and avoid contact with other dogs or people.

Overprotected by their owners

Some dogs may have been active and like to watch and play with other dogs , but if the owner is more worried about the dog and protects the dog well, for example, every time he finds that the dogs on both sides are emotional, he will immediately pull the dog away and take it home. Over time, the dog will also become Not so outgoing. 3. How to relieve social phobia in dogs? Ⅰ Take dogs out and do social training well. Raising a dog is not just at home, it is necessary to go out, it should satisfy the dog's curiosity about the world, make it more familiar with the external environment, reduce fear, and better integrate into human life. Ⅱ Bring your dog to make friends. To the extent that the dog can accept it, the pet owner can bring the dog to make some more gentle and stable dog friends, let him maintain a certain safe social distance, gradually desensitize the dog, and let him get along with the dog. No more nervousness. If the dog is reluctant to go out to socialize, the pet owner can also use snacks to induce the dog to reduce the resistance. Ⅲ Accompanying you more gives you a sense of security. For insecure dogs, pets should spend more time with them, so that dogs feel loved and can live a better life. In addition to more company, you can also prepare delicious and high-quality dog ​​food for the dog, so that the dog can feel the care of the pet owner. Conclusion: Is your dog socially afraid?

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