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Don't scold the dog, it has mastered thousands of human words

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Don't scold the dog, it has mastered thousands of human words

What? How could someone still abuse dogs? It should be noted that this move is too incomprehensible, not to mention "abusing the dog" at the physical level, and even "scolding the dog" at the mental level is stupid; because, relevant research has confirmed that dogs can distinguish thousands of single words. , as "staring at the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you", if you scold the dog, the dog is likely to scold you too. Photography: DARIA IVANOVA Editing: Brother Box ※First of all, when humans hear the praise response: the more primitive subcortical auditory area responds first, receiving intonation, sentences and emotional power; then the brain uses the later evolved The auditory cortex understands and infers the meaning of words; when people are praised, large amounts of oxytocin (both male and female) and endorphins are produced in the brain, two hormones that create feelings of intimacy and pleasure, early brain development Both hormones are very much needed. When oxytocin is flowing in our brains, we are more trustworthy and more patient with disappointment and betrayal. PHOTO: ADMIR BASIC The opposite - blame, triggers raw tremors in the brain's amygdala. When we hear someone accuse us: it's all your fault! You have let me down too much! Look at people! The amygdala will automatically sound the alarm and start preparing to fight and fight back. ※The following is the reaction of dogs when they hear praise: Photography: ARVIDS BARANOVS Neuroimaging results show that when dogs hear praise, the left brain of dogs responds to sentences and the right brain responds to tone, which is roughly the same as the division of labor between the left and right brains of humans ! (※This research comes from Attila Andics, a neuroscientist at the University of Roland in Hungary, and once caused an “Oolong” incident in the journal Science. At first, the research showed that the division of labor between the left and right brains of humans and dogs is completely opposite; but everyone ignored it. For one thing, people do MRIs while lying down, while dogs do it on their stomachs, and the results are just the opposite. The author once issued an errata on this issue-) (screenshot from the official website of "Science") Photography: ENIKŐ About 100 million years ago, humans and dogs shared a common ancestor, KUBINYI neuroscientist Attila Andics explains in papers published in Scientific Reports and Science. But since 100 million years, humans and dogs have parted ways on a fork in the road. Although the two have a high genetic similarity ratio, they have embarked on completely different future directions. Dogs are the first species domesticated by humans. There are murals depicting dogs assisting humans in hunting in Saudi Arabia, dating back to 9000-8000 BC, which may be the earliest image records of dogs. Photo by MARIA GUAGNIN But after all, humans and dogs once had the same origin; the way many mammals respond to sounds still retain a lot in common; when they hear praise, humans and dogs also have surprisingly similar responses. Dogs are descendants of ancient wolves. The picture shows the mummy of an ancient wolf cub found at the Klondike Gold Mine near Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, in July 2016. Locals call it Zhur Zhùr - meaning "wolf", and Zhur is the most complete wolf mummy known. PHOTO: GOVERNMENT OF YUKON Juul lived and died about 57,000 years ago, research finds. This little wolf died just past weaning age, the remains of an "old milk wolf". PHOTO: JULIUS CSOTONYI PHOTO: ROBERT CLARK, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION CONTINUED - Dogs can discern thousands of individual words; and, as shown by MRI scans, only the words of praise are said in a praising tone to activate the dog The dog's reward center. When dogs heard praise, there was greater activity in both subcortical and cortical auditory areas. In the study, it took months to train a dozen dogs to keep them from jumping up and down during an MRI. PHOTO: ENIKŐ KUBINYI Dogs awaiting MRI scans, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Border Collie—almost constitute the first echelon of canine intelligence. Photo: ENIKŐ KUBINYI It is widely considered to be the ancestor of the Border Collie - Old Hemp (1893 – 1901), who died at the age of 8. In his short life, he had more than 200 sons and daughters. The number is unknown (at that time, breeders generally used male dogs as the blueprint, resulting in no records of female lineages) Source: Wikipedia As we all know, dogs are dogs, Erha is Erha, and Bian Mu is your college classmate. The border shepherd is the ceiling of the IQ of the dog world; and the border shepherd below is probably "the smartest dog among the smartest dogs" - its name is Chaser. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, there used to be a border shepherd named Chaser, who was regarded by many as "the smartest dog in the world" and could recognize and remember 1,022 special characters. There are nouns, and each noun is a toy for Chaser. Photo courtesy of Chaser, a young border shepherd and its more than 1,000 toys: Pilley Bianchi Dr. John Pilley was an emeritus professor of psychology. He once lost a border shepherd named Yasha, and he was sad and decided not to keep it anymore. dog, and was obsessed with the study of the Border Collie, and was world-renowned for building groundbreaking research that inspired dog cognition, until he met Chaser at the age of 76 - pictured here as a puppy, "Anything Anything that moves, it wants to chase." Dr. John Pilley named it "Chaser" for this reason: Pilley Bianchi Dr. John Pilley and his dog Chaser, and the monograph "Chaser: Unlocking" about the world's smartest dog The Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words" Courtesy: Pilley Bianchi Dr. John Pilley died in 2018, followed a year later by Chaser at 15 (the natural lifespan of a border collie is between 12 and 15 years). time; the longest-lived Border Collie was "Bramble" from England, who lived nearly 28 years). Photo courtesy: Pilley Bianchi All of the above is trying to show that dogs are smart; and when it comes to praise and blame, dogs have similar reactions to humans, so don't scold the dog, praise it more. Photography: ANNA AVERIANOVA If you really praise, let alone dogs, even statues can become "beauties" - there is a term in psychology, Pygmalion Effect: In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion was good at carving, He once sculpted a beautiful girl and fell in love with "her" deeply, hugging it, kissing it and praising it every day. Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) was moved by Pygmalion's sincerity, so she brought the statue to life, and Pygmalion took the "statue" as his wife. People later used the "Pygmalion effect" to express a truth: expectation and praise can produce miracles. In 1717, the French painter Jean Raoux created an oil painting based on the myth of Pygmalion. Source: Wikipedia So, if you want your dog to be a good dog, you should compliment it and tell it sincerely—you are a good dog, it will definitely understand and work harder for it. Photography: Bego Antón Earth people love dogs, they selflessly save lives, guard the safety of human beings, comfort our hearts, accompany the blind and handicapped through the vast years, and risk their lives to detect bombs and drugs... So, Even if it is Erha, at this moment, please put down the slippers in your hand, hold back the reproach, touch it gently with one hand, and touch the sofa that is about to be bitten with the other hand, and use the best way in the world. The most gentle tone of voice said to it: ↓The picture below, at the end of December 2019, during the Australian fire that engulfed 500 million animals, a 6-year-old shepherd named Patsy (it is a border collie and Kalbi dog mixed blood) Fearless of the approaching flames, he resolutely led the flock to a safe place, saving nearly 1,000 sheep of the rancher. Source: Instagram, @patsythecorryongwonderdog if you read this post

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