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The first shirt in autumn, choose it

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The first shirt in autumn, choose it

One autumn rain and one cool, the weather after the beginning of autumn is cloudy and sunny. It is still sunny in the morning, and it starts to rain in the afternoon, which increases the "difficulty" of dressing every day. Fortunately, there are shirts. In uncertain times, having a light and relaxed shirt is a must. It can be worn alone when it's hot, or layered when it's cooler. It's good-looking and easy to wear~ Simple and flashy [shirts] At this moment when everything is about efficiency, a piece worth wearing for a long time is a wardrobe investment for smart women. Silk is called human's "second skin". This is not a compliment, but an apt description. A silk dress is on the body, and the rigid body is naturally relaxed. Because you can't resist its gentle obedience. The delicate and soft texture, like the warmest words, melts people's hearts at once. Silk makes people feel at ease, confident in beauty, and has a calm sense of luxury. In the autumn when the temperature has dropped, you might as well prepare a [silk shirt] for yourself, and let it use the soft skin-friendly feel and the luster and quality of the top material to win over yourself! I recommend this to everyone, the spring and autumn OL style crepe de chine silk shirt. Silk texture, 100% mulberry silk, comfortable to wear, simple style without too much design, shape and material are satisfactory. As the first item in the early autumn wardrobe, it can be worn at work, cocktail parties... different occasions. Stylish and charming, whether you wear shirts often, or want to try silk pieces for the first time, don't miss this one! 100% mulberry silk, the fabric itself is one of the highlights. Silk is good, and the body will tell you. Just the right degree of breathing, comfortable silk texture, as comfortable as wearing a cloud. Trust me, once you wear a silk shirt, you can't put it down again. Not only that, but silk, known as the "Queen of Fibers", has another fabric that can't be compared: silk keeps people alive. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. Wearing it is like applying a mask to the whole body. It absorbs moisture and perspiration, removes mites and inhibits bacteria, and gives the skin extremely gentle care. The raw material partner of this shirt is a factory designated by an international first-line brand in China. The quality is guaranteed from the source, which is a level that few factories can achieve. The same 16 mmi silk as the international first-line brand is used. It is large in size, good in color and long in silk. It belongs to the top grade of silk. 100% silk, it is already very "value" from the fabric. Referring to the same fabrics on the market, as long as this grade of silk is selected, a shirt in the mall will be priced at more than 1,000 yuan. But this piece is only ¥299, and you can experience the beauty brought by high-quality silk for less than 300 yuan. You can't see the brand, and the texture alone can "support" you! Wearing it on the body, it drapes elegantly, exudes a gentle soft light, and interprets what is femininity with a kind of beauty. Cool, waxy, shiny, and lustrous. The crepe de chine weaving process makes the texture as delicate as butter, soft and waxy to the touch, especially skin-friendly. Wear it close to the body, just like the body "slips" into the clothes in an instant~ and it is very breathable. Mulberry silk itself is a fiber with a porous structure and has good breathability. During this period of time when the temperature is still fine, wearing it will not panic, it will be comfortable and comfortable, and it will not stick to your body even if you sweat. The sense of quality and comfort of "less but fine" is the highest level of dressing. The loose, dropped-shoulder version is also the reason why you can enter a "comfortable state" by wearing it on the upper body. The simple and elegant small stand-up collar makes the gentle silk instantly have a "spiritual spirit", showing a capable and neat temperament; the simple hidden button design, open only a few buttons, or all buttons, each has its own temperament; plus it Good drape, the upper body is more light and elegant, unrestrained, elegant and free and easy. And when we were selecting products, our "sharp-eyed" buyer colleagues found out - it is the same style as the big brand! Whether it is the version or the design of the details, it is almost indistinguishable at a glance. It is not bad at all without looking at the brand. The same wearing experience, at the price of a big brand, buy a circle of replacements of different colors to wear, and spend the money more beautifully within the scope of your ability! Before, there were always old friends who were worried: my figure is not very good, is it difficult to wear silk? In fact, on the contrary, this loose and comfortable shirt can hide the small shortcomings of the figure well. Because of its silky drape, the moment you put it on, it will flow down the curve of your body like running water, and the hidden meat will look thinner. The length is generally to our hips, cleverly covering the plump waist, crotch and buttocks, only highlighting the delicate curves. The shoulder part has also been considered - the raglan sleeve design not only fits well, but also makes the shoulder line more beautiful and smooth. The upper body is thin and upright, with a "sense of quality" and "low-key extravagance" all over his body. Beauty in 7 colors, no matter what age, you can wear intellectual and elegant. With the growth of age, when consumer taste reaches a level, everyone focuses on paying for good materials. Powerful, wealthy, and tasteful women are indispensable in their dresses, "silk shirts". A silk shirt with full texture is like a good book or a good movie. With time, it becomes more classic and charming, and everyone can "taste" their own unique taste! This shirt has a total of 7 color matching options, both everyday and eye-catching, with a full-textured silk material, which can instantly make people move their eyes to it. Even with monotonous workplace trousers, it will not make people feel boring. Silk shirts are really versatile in daily wear: whether it is to express strength and ability in the workplace, it is still a particularly lazy and sexy item in daily life. "Succession of Succession" chooses a slightly larger shirt and paired with a pair of wide-leg pants, which is relaxed and free, and has a charming temperament of ease and alienation, which makes people want to explore. Pick a few colors that the editor personally likes, and give you a brief introduction-white is the most versatile. It's not pure white, it's a warm white with mother-of-pearl luster, and with our silk texture, it's softer and more elegant. Light blue. It is especially suitable for wearing during this time. When the seasons change, use a touch of blue to light up the mood. It has a low saturation, clear and beautiful, and has a calm and intelligent beauty. And this "soft pink". The vitality and age reduction also make people's complexion look much better. It is matched with the daily refreshing white to enrich the possibility of wearing. The little nifty in ordinary days~ Don't reject black, many people have not yet gotten its beauty: it is a very sexy, sultry and cool color. A must have for cool girls and sexy ladies. There are a total of seven colors, and a single piece sells for ¥299. The material and texture are comparable to those of international first-line brands. Such a rare good shirt, don’t let it go! S, M, L, XL, XXL are available in multiple sizes, slim fit or loose, you can wear them well.

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