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Altai Mountain found "Wolverine", which can grab food from the bear's mouth and rent a house with a fox

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Altai Mountain found "Wolverine", which can grab food from the bear's mouth and rent a house with a fox

The movie "Wolverine" is believed to have been seen by many friends. It is said that when Uncle Wolf began to receive this role, he deliberately observed wolves for a period of time and imitated some of their behaviors. Later, during the filming of the film, the director always felt that something was not right. After talking in detail, he found that there was an oolong. It turns out that the prototype of "Wolverine" is not the gray wolf that Uncle Wolf thought, but a kind of mustelidae animal. After being corrected, Uncle Wolf learned some of the wolverine's demeanor, and finally turned this role into a classic. The Altai Mountains and Two Rivers Headwaters Reserve in Xinjiang, although located in the northwest of my country, has a special climate and environment. Although the ecological environment cannot be compared with the warm and humid places, the unique climate environment also breeds a unique ecosystem. Rare beasts thrive here. The protected area is rich in species of animals and plants, and is one of the areas with richer biodiversity in Xinjiang and even the entire northwest region. Among them, more than ten species of national key protected animals, such as ibex, red deer, snow leopard, mink bear, and brown bear, can be seen here. Recently, the Altai Mountains Two Rivers Headwaters Reserve has released some pictures captured by infrared cameras, among which the moving images of "Wolverine" have been photographed many times.

Wolverine appeared in the snow, with thick body and limbs like a bear

We can see from the picture back from the shooting that a wolf The badger appeared in front of the camera. While it was running fast on the snow, it bent its head down and sniffed close to the ground, as if looking for something to eat. According to reports, the wolverine is a "regular visitor" in the homes of local residents. It often goes down the mountain to enter human activity areas and stays in the herdsmen's homes. A local herdsman's home has been visited many times from winter to summer by wolverines. It rummaged through boxes in the yard to look for food. Judging from its actions, it was obvious that it was "well-versed". Wolverine is the largest of the mustelidae animals. It can reach 8-25 kg in weight and 80-100 cm in length when it is an adult. Wolverine's body and limbs are relatively sturdy and strong, which is very similar to bears. Male wolverines, in particular, are more robust and much larger than females. The fur of the wolverine is mainly tan, and there is a light yellow semi-circular stripe from the side to the buttocks, which resembles a crescent moon, so the wolverine also has the title of "moon bear". They have big heads and small ears, and a thick tail, which is particularly conspicuous.

Wolverine has a ferocious temperament and can grab food in the mouth of a bear

Many of the mustelids are "stunned green", and the wolverine is the best among them . Let's put it this way, I believe many people have heard of the reputation of the "flat head" honey badger. It is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most fearless animal in the world. on the way. However, such a ruthless character is only a younger brother in front of the "Wolverine" Wolverine. Wolverines are very aggressive, and even the Eurasian lynx, which is also known for its fierceness, has to avoid three points when encountering wolverines. Wolverines are gluttonous and omnivorous by nature. They eat carrion and are good at hunting, as well as snatch food from other predators. As we all know, on the African savannah, spotted hyenas are the animals best at taking food from other predators, especially cheetahs. After finally catching a prey, spotted hyenas stared at them. The prey was snatched away. The brave and fearless character of the wolverine is also destined to snatch the food of other predators. In the same habitat, it was observed that wolverines even dared to grab food from the mouths of gray wolves and brown bears. The brown bear is huge, and the wolverine is only about 50 pounds at best. How can it deal with the brown bear? This is actually similar to the reason why lions and hyenas are reluctant to provoke honey badgers, because they are too cruel. Moreover, wolverines also have developed odor glands, which can secrete a strange smell to defend against the enemy. In addition, they will also apply odorous liquid on their bodies, so that other predators dare not speak.

Wolverines are domineering and will snatch burrows with foxes

Wolverines are nocturnal animals. Forage alone at night. With its ability, the wolverine has few natural enemies in nature, but it does not have the fearless character of the honey badger. In contrast, wolverines are alert by nature and rely heavily on burrows. Especially during the breeding season and hibernation period, the cave has become the most common place for it to stay. Natural tree caves and rock caves are hard to come by, so wolverines are eyeing the caves of other animals. In addition to picking up abandoned caves, wolverines are more domineering and will directly snatch the caves that are being used by animals such as foxes and marmots. Wolverines have a strong sense of territory and will never allow the same gender to appear in their territory, even their own children. Once a wolverine reaches adulthood, it will be kicked out of its territory by its parents to lead a new life of its own. They are polygamous, and the territory of one male wolverine often covers the territory of 3-4 female wolverines. During estrus, they use a special roar to attract the opposite sex. In my country, the number of wolverines is small, and the distribution range is limited, so it is listed as a national first-class protected animal. Relatively speaking, there are relatively more wolverines in the Greater Khingan Mountains. Wolverine is an excellent "scavenger" in nature, and it often follows gray wolves, lynxes, and brown bears to pick up leaks. After these predators kill their prey, if they don't eat it, what's left is the wolverine's gluttonous feast. And because wolverines are fierce and powerful, sometimes they are unwilling to wait, but choose to snatch directly. Ordinary predators are really not its opponents. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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