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Found a lynx in Daxinganling, squatting on the side of the road, staring fiercely at people, and even making moves

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Found a lynx in Daxinganling, squatting on the side of the road, staring fiercely at people, and even making moves

The climate of the Greater Khingan Mountains is unique in the cold temperate zone continental monsoon climate, and is known as the "Alpine Forbidden Zone". Although not very suitable for human habitation, it is a paradise for wildlife. Countless "rare beasts" thrive here, so the Greater Khingan Mountains area is also one of the areas with rich biodiversity in my country. Brown bears, lynxes, musk deer, red deer, moose, wolves, roe deer and other national key protected animals are here. can be found. Located in the transition zone between the cold temperate coniferous forest of the Greater Xing'an Mountains and the temperate coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest of the Lesser Xing'an Mountains, the Heilongjiang Chuonahe National Nature Reserve is an inland forest ecological type with a high forest coverage rate, providing a habitat for many wild animals. The Eurasian lynx is the only lynx that is distributed in my country among the four species of lynx. It is also the largest and most powerful lynx, known as the "ceiling" of small and medium-sized cats. Although it is not very large, it can bring down large ungulates such as red deer. The Eurasian lynx is a cold-loving species that is widely distributed in the northern tip of Eurasia. In my country, it also occurs mainly in some northern provinces. Recently, someone found the figure of the lynx in the Chona River Nature Reserve. It squatted on the side of the road, stared at people fiercely, and made a feeding action.

Lynx spotted on the side of the road with fierce eyes

A tourist walks by the Chona River Nature Reserve , and found that there was a relatively large "cat" on the roadside not far ahead. It squatted on the roadside and turned to look at the person when it saw someone coming. At first, tourists thought it was a fat stray cat, and it looked cute, so they took a photo. When I took a closer look, I found that this animal is not very similar to our common cats. Its head is closer to a tiger than ordinary cats. Hair, tail is also very short. Based on various characteristics, this is a Eurasian lynx, which belongs to the second-level national protected animal, and there is no possibility of being a pet. At first, I saw this lynx squatting on the lawn beside the road, and it was not afraid to run away when someone came. On the contrary, it stared fiercely at people, and then leaned down and made a cat. The classic throwing action is really startling. The Eurasian lynx is not small in the cat subfamily. It weighs 18-30 kg when it is an adult, which is much larger than the average domestic cat. If it really attacks people, I believe that many people may not be able to beat it. The biggest feature of the Eurasian lynx is its short tail, black tail tip, tufted ears, strong limbs, and sturdy body. Because of its body shape, it is the most wolf-like in the cat family, so it also has the title of "wolf cat". .

Lynx has strong predation ability and loves to eat rabbits

Lynx is a product of the northern hemisphere, and they have strong adaptability to the environment, whether it is coniferous forest, Plateau meadows, alpine deserts, or rocky and bushy areas all have traces of their lives. They are relatively less dependent on water sources and have a relatively high resistance to starvation. They are solitary and tend to act alone. But a growing body of research shows that lynxes aren't as lonely as we think. Some male lynx will have frequent contact with female lynx before the estrus period, and they will also perch and forage together. And in the subsequent parenting process, it will also take part in the responsibility, including removing threats, feeding food, etc. The lynx is an excellent hunter, it is good at climbing trees and can swim very well, but they generally do not go into the water easily. The Eurasian lynx has a wide range of diets and is capable of leapfrogging large prey. Its regular prey are mainly hare, snow hare, wild mouse, squirrel, lemming, marmot, quail, musk deer, roe deer and deer cubs and so on. However, for lynx, their favorite prey is rabbits. All kinds of hares occupy most of their diet. Sometimes lynxes even walk more than ten kilometers to find traces of prey for a bite of rabbit meat. The lynx's broad feet can make them have strong mobility in the snow, and it is not difficult to hunt down snow rabbits.

The lynx is smart and cautious, and does not fight unsure

The lynx is a very intelligent animal, or cunning, and it preys on birds is usually done at night. Birds usually return to their nests at night, or rest on the branches. When they fall asleep, the lynx will sneak up to the tree, and then grab the bird without much effort. In nature, more powerful predators such as tigers, leopards, and snow leopards are its natural enemies. When facing natural enemies, lynx often rely on their superb climbing skills to escape on trees. There is a saying that the lynx will play dead to escape when faced with the enemy. In fact, this is nonsense, and the Eurasian lynx basically does not do this. The lynx is cautious by nature, even if it can leapfrog to kill large ungulates, but it never fights unsurely. In the Nalipoki Forest in central and western Belarus, the European Timberwolves and the lynx live together. It has been observed many times that the lynx ambush and downed a single gray wolf, but it has never been recorded that it launched an attack on the wolf pack, nor did it Will provoke the local brown bear. In fact, even adult male lynx, the opponents selected are basically some thin lone wolves, late pregnant female wolves, sub-adult wolves that have just run away from home, and young wolves, even smaller sized wolves. Some big male red fox, it will not rashly provoke. In our country, the lynx is also known as the wild raccoon. It will sneak into the village to prey on piglets or lambs. Compared with other cats, they are not so afraid of people. When threatened, they will do Do some demonstrative actions. The lynx has a strong habit of hiding food, and will bury the unfinished prey with snow, and then find it out and eat it when the food is scarce. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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