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A "flying fox" was found in Chongqing Chengkou, with a red body and a white head, and likes to go out alone at night

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A "flying fox" was found in Chongqing Chengkou, with a red body and a white head, and likes to go out alone at night

Thanks to the country's achievements in ecological environment construction and animal protection, we can intuitively feel that the number of wild animals has increased in recent years, and their intrusion into the human world has occurred more frequently. Beasts that used to be hard to see in rural areas are not new to haunt the cities. For example, wild boars are frequently found in Nanjing, and there are also leopard cats and wild tigers in Shenzhen. The number of wild animals has increased, and the interaction with humans has naturally become more frequent. How to get along better and harmoniously with them has become a situation that must be faced. With the increasing awareness of animal protection, when people encounter wild animals that intrude into human activity areas, they no longer capture or kill them as before, but choose to report them to the relevant departments to rescue them. When the police in Chengkou County, Chongqing were patrolling the road section of the animal husbandry village recently, they found a strange-looking "squirrel". to the forestry department for treatment. After expert appraisal, the rescued "squirrel" is scientifically called red and white flying squirrel, and is generally called "flying fox" by the people. After careful care, the red and white flying squirre recovered and was released into the wild.

Red and white headed, the "non-mainstream" of the squirrel world

The red and white flying squirrel is a medium-sized rodent , a member of the squirrel family, among all squirrels, it is a relatively large species, with a body length of 35-50 cm and a weight of about 2 kg when it is an adult. From the name, you know the main characteristics of this animal. The hair on the back of its body is mainly red, the hair on the ventral surface and head is white, and there are also white patches on the upper buttocks. From the appearance point of view, the red and white flying squirrel is very similar to the general squirrel, so people who see it will think that it is a kind of squirrel with a strange appearance. However, unlike the squirrel in the narrow sense, it is actually a flying squirrel, the kind that can fly. In the squirrel family and even the entire rodent order, the appearance of red and white flying squirrels is relatively strange, and it is "non-mainstream" in fashionable words. Generally speaking, relatively weak animals are generally low-key in appearance, such as mice, squirrels, etc., and their coats are mostly black and gray, which is not easy to attract attention. But this product uses a bold color scheme, with red and white matching, making it difficult for people not to pay attention to them. Fortunately, red and white flying squirrels generally come out at night, and during the day they will hide in tree holes, rock holes, and underground holes to rest. But despite this, the white head is still relatively more conspicuous at night.

Has invisible wings and can glide freely in the forest

The red and white flying squirrel is a forest-dwelling species, generally in walnut forests, small It is found in forests with many large trees, such as poplar and birch forests. Like squirrels, they have great tree-climbing skills, and another skill that requires the use of tall trees is gliding. As we all know, flying squirrels can fly, but they don't take off like birds, they can only climb to a high place first, and then use their wings to glide. The red and white flying squirrel has "invisible" wings. You can't see it has wings when you don't use it on weekdays. They only unfold when they are gliding. Our human wingsuit flight imitates this kind of animal. Before the red and white flying squirrel glides, there is a set of preparations. They first found a large tree, climbed to a high branch, and then shook its long tail from side to side. After a period of time, it charged up and jumped, instantly unfolding the wings hidden behind it, and with the help of aerodynamics, it completed free gliding in the forest. The skill of gliding is very important for them. It not only plays a role in foraging, but also saves life when encountering some natural enemies. In the process of gliding, the red and white flying squirrel sometimes makes a variety of different sounds, which is the mutual transmission of information between the companions, and different sounds represent different contents. For example, when encountering an enemy, it will make a "squeak, squeak, squeak" sound to remind its companions to pay attention.

No matter how far away, always go home to go to the toilet

Red and white flying squirrels are very dependent on burrows, and they need to hide in burrows during the day to rest. Curled up, using its long tail as a pillow. In winter, they hibernate in burrows and no longer go out for food. They won't wake up from hibernation and resume activity until the climate warms. The red and white flying squirrel mainly feeds on plant fruits, seeds, buds, young leaves and some insects. The red and white flying squirrel has a very strange habit, that is, no matter how far it goes to feed or move, it always has to return to its burrow before starting to defecate. Outside, I would rather hold it than pull it, and I don't know whether to praise it for being hygienic and not going to urinate anywhere, or to say it is timid and cautious. Red and white flying squirrels mainly live alone, and go out alone at night, and each time they go out to the farthest place, which is about one kilometer from the nest. Among rodents, the red and white flying squirrel is a relatively long-lived species, and can live for 7-10 years, which is equivalent to about 120 years old in humans. They are relatively widely distributed in my country, including Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Hubei, Yunnan, Shaanxi and other regions. In addition, their population trend is stable, so their living conditions are relatively optimistic, and they are not endangered species, so they are listed as "three-you" protected animals. However, although the protection level is not as good as the state's key protected animals, it is illegal to capture them privately. The red and white flying squirrel has a strange appearance, big eyes, and looks quite cute. With the feature of flying, many people will have the idea of ​​keeping them as pets. But I advise you not to do that, because first of all, they are protected animals, and secondly, raising such "exotic pets" is not as simple as raising cats and dogs, and it is also easy to infect some wild animals with germs. Creatures in nature, just let them stay in nature. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.

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