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Walking the dog is more stressful: the wrong way to walk the dog, don't do it again, it will hurt the dog

Time:2023-02-03 12:51:21 author:Mammal Read:786次
Walking the dog is more stressful: the wrong way to walk the dog, don't do it again, it will hurt the dog

As a dog owner, the thing to do every day may be to walk the dog, but walking the dog is not a simple thing, and it requires a lot of attention. The following are the typical wrong ways of walking the dog. If there is any, please correct it immediately and stop hurting the dog!

1. [Walking the dog under the sun]

It is also necessary to choose the time to walk the dog, like noon and afternoon when there is a big sun At times, it is absolutely not allowed to take the dog out for a walk! It's okay in winter, but now it's summer, let alone take the dog out for a walk at this time, it will cause the dog to suffer from heat stroke, or even shock on the spot, so be careful.

2. [Walking the dog with inattentiveness]

Some pet owners don't pay attention at all when walking the dog On the dog, it is always playing on the phone, or making a phone call. But this is very dangerous. The dog is lively by nature. If the owner does not watch it, let it move at will, it is easy to have an accident, and it will be too late to save it!

3. [Walking the dog without a leash]

If you don't wear a leash, you are irresponsible to the dog and to passers-by. Irresponsible performance, no matter how big or small the dog is, in the absence of restraint, it is possible to rush or run around. At this time, the owner chases, but it may not be able to catch up. The dog is easy to hit people and cause an accident. This could have been avoided because the accident occurred because the leash was not worn.

4. [Walking the dog by car]

For the sake of convenience, some pet owners simply drive the electric car with the dog for a walk. But this way of walking the dog is very wrong! It is easy to cause accidents, drag the dog, cause the dog to be injured, and also cause the dog to be overtired and endanger the body, so pet owners should never walk the dog like this.

5. [Deliberately dragging the dog]

Dogs are naturally curious. When they go out for a walk, It is inevitable that they will sniff everywhere, and anxious owners are afraid that the dog will eat indiscriminately. Therefore, the dog will be dragged to stop the dog's behavior, but the owner has repeatedly pulled the dog's leash to prevent the dog from continuing to walk. In fact, doing so may hurt the dog and arouse their resistance. Too many times will make the dog form a cognition of confrontation with the dog leash. In the future, every time the dog is pulled by the owner, he will deliberately walk in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this method to stop the dog. In fact, when you go out, you can take some snacks that the dog likes to eat on your body to attract its attention, so that you will no longer be sniffing around.

6. [Walk the dog as soon as they are full]

A normal and healthy dog ​​has a very fast gastrointestinal digestion, probably at Defecation occurs 20 minutes after a meal, so many pet owners choose to take their dogs out for a walk at this time. By the way, it can solve the dog's defecation problem, but for those dogs with poor digestive function and bad stomach, they can't digest the food in 20 minutes. Going out for a walk at this time will increase the burden on the stomach, and if it is serious, it will also suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, so pet owners must be optimistic about the time. Either feed the dog before walking, or wait for the dog to digest before going out for a walk. Usually, you need to recuperate the dog's stomach. The daily staple food is best to choose a dog food that is easy to digest and absorb and can care for the stomach. Conclusion: Do you usually "walk the dog" like this?


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