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The owner is pregnant and often scolds the dog. The dog runs away and howls and then comes back: I'm a little wronged, let me vent

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The owner is pregnant and often scolds the dog. The dog runs away and howls and then comes back: I'm a little wronged, let me vent

Generally speaking, most pregnant women become more irritable and irritable. This is caused by physical discomfort caused by hormone levels, coupled with excessive thinking, lack of sleep, and poor mood. When a family mistress is pregnant, family members are more tolerant and caring towards her, sometimes even the family dog. In the past two days, a woman in Anhui shared a video with everyone and told everyone: The dog in her family has been wronged these days! Everyone opened the video, only to hear two miserable dog howls in the video, followed by a fat Alaska. It slowly approached the camera, looked at the woman with aggrieved eyes, and stared at her closely. When the woman asked it, "What are you doing?", the dog just turned his head helplessly, looking like he had something to say, but couldn't say it due to the hardware limitations of the dog's mouth. At first glance, this video makes people wonder: This dog's barking makes the listeners sad and tears, is it not being abused? But when I looked at the title carefully, I burst out laughing: It turned out that the dog was scolded and felt aggrieved, and my own dog was venting there! It turned out that the woman was currently pregnant and raising a child. Under the combined effect of various factors, her temper inevitably became worse and worse. When the male master is at home, the woman can still lose her temper at him; but when the male master goes out to work, the woman can only express her emotions by scolding the dog. Gouzi also knew that his mistress was pregnant, so he never got angry with her these days, and he could endure her unprovoked scolding. When it really feels wronged, the dog will run to the side and squeak, and return to the owner after venting his temper. After reading it, netizens praised the dog as a "warm man" who knows how to take care of a woman's emotions and must love her very much. And the woman was teasing, the dog was scolding her behind her back and pretending that she couldn't hear it, but in fact she still felt guilty and funny in her heart. The veterinarian Xiao Ming felt that this dog was so caring and suffered enough grievances every day, so why not give him extra food to comfort him? When he saw the homepage of the dog's account, Xiao Ming was surprised to find that it was still an Internet celebrity dog, and his thick lips once attracted a lot of attention. The funniest thing is that this dog once got mad at being shaved and drugged. Even so, the dog can still hold back the grievances, it seems that it really loves its owner. Dogs are man's best friend. They can sense the owner's pregnancy, and consciously care for and protect the owner. Pregnancy does not conflict with raising pets. As long as pets are dewormed and sanitized, and raw meat is not fed, pregnant women will generally not be harmed. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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