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After a business trip for a month, the woman can't recognize the cat from the house: she thought she was a stray

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After a business trip for a month, the woman can't recognize the cat from the house: she thought she was a stray

"Skin diseases" often appear on all kinds of pets, which is annoying. If you don't take care of pets carefully, resulting in their low immunity, skin diseases will come to you. At that time, it will be a torture for pets and shovelers. Take a look at the kitten in the story below, who has become "unrecognizable" after contracting a skin disease. Haven't seen each other for a month, changed a cat? The woman and her boyfriend raised a British short blue and white cat together. Under the careful raising, the cat's hair is thick and smooth, and it also looks fat and looks very cute. Just a month ago, the woman received a dispatch from the company and needed to travel for a month. She thought that her boyfriend also had some experience in caring for cats, so she put the cat in her boyfriend's hands with confidence, thinking that it was more reliable than fostering in a pet store. The long business trip was finally over. Just when the woman returned home excitedly and wanted to cuddle her cat, she was stunned: "I haven't seen you for a month, is this a new cat?" The cat's expression was bleak, and its body became pitted. Most of the hair was shaved off, and some places were scabbed, and it looked like it had been out for a month. what happened? The woman was speechless. Skin diseases come to you? After asking her boyfriend, I learned that the cat was diagnosed with a skin disease, and the condition was very serious. During the month that the woman left, the cat's hair began to fall off in lumps. When she went to the pet shop to take a bath, she found that there were still scabs on her body. After shaving her hair, she learned that she had contracted a skin disease. How can a good cat suddenly get a skin disease? After thinking about it, I guessed that it was probably caused by the fungus on my boyfriend's shoes. In addition, he didn't like to be clean enough, and he didn't clean up frequently, which breeds a lot of bacteria. Damn, seeing this "unrecognizable" cat in front of her, the woman is also distressed. It only took a month to work on it. This is the case with a good cat. Presumably, the cat's heart is also very sad. Currently in active treatment and now the woman is back, the cat will run to the woman's bed to sleep as usual. Although she knew that skin diseases were contagious to people, the woman couldn't bear to drive it away. If it was a big deal, she would suffer from skin diseases together. The matter has come to this point, and now the only thing I can do is to treat the cat well. The woman also collected the opinions of many netizens on the Internet, and bought various ointments to apply to the cat. I believe that the cat will soon be the same as before. Seeing the woman's cat, veterinarian Xiao Ming remembered the cat at home. At that time, it was also covered with skin diseases. It took more than a month to treat it. It was really difficult. Message: Pet skin disease is a zoonotic disease, and it is particularly troublesome to treat. Not only do shit shovel officers need to give cats medicine every day, but they also need to take them to the sun often, which requires perseverance. Many cats will be disliked by the shit shoveling officer or even thrown away after they are infected with skin diseases, which is irresponsible. Skin disease is not a particularly big problem, as long as the shoveler treats it well, it can basically be cured, so if your cat is infected with skin disease, please persevere, don't think about giving up, and be a responsible shoveler . The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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