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If you want to own a dog, trust me, it's right to have a "Bichon"

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If you want to own a dog, trust me, it's right to have a "Bichon"

I believe that many friends who want to raise a dog will always hesitate, what kind of dog is better to raise? So, today the editor tells you: If you want to raise a dog, believe me, it is right to raise a Bichon! Do you want to know why? Let's take a look below~

What are the benefits of raising a bichon?

Raising and worry-free - not easy to lose hair Although Bichon Frise is also a double-haired dog, it is different from other double-haired dogs! Don't look at Bichon's hair so thick, but it's not easy to lose hair, so you don't need to spend too much time and energy cleaning its hair; if you are usually lazy or don't like trouble, believe me, keep a Bichon That's right. Very cute - fluffy hair, soft and cute In today's society, most people are good looking, especially girls! Bichon Frise has snow-white and fluffy hair, like a marshmallow, very soft and cute; but its hair is not resistant to dirt, but it is enough to pay attention to hygiene, so if I want to raise a cute dog, I want to raise Bichon Frise. Bear is right. It is suitable for domestication - the body odor is very light, and it will not stink. Many people keep dogs, and the most feared thing is that the dog's body odor is too serious, but raising a Bichon will not have such troubles! Because the body odor of Bichon Frise is very light, it has almost no smell, and after a bath, the fragrance is very long-lasting; however, it should be noted that Bichon Frise's claws, ears and other parts are easy to hide dirt, in order to avoid odor, remember to clean it up. Easy to train - small amount of exercise and high obedience Bichon Frise belongs to a small dog, its exercise amount is very small, and it does not need to spend too much time taking it for a walk; and its IQ is very high and its obedience is also very high, so It's very easy to train; while Bichon Frise is a bit greedy, if training is combined with a little snack as an aid, the training effect will be better. But when choosing snacks for Bichon Frise, it is best to choose something that is not hot, because when Bichon Frise gets angry, there will be tears, which will affect the appearance. Inexpensive - small food intake, very economical If you don't have a high budget for keeping a dog, trust me, a bichon is the right thing to do! Because the Bichon Frise is a small dog, its food intake is not large, and the cost of raising it is not large; but the owner should pay attention to it, even if it eats very little, it should pay attention to its healthy diet and cannot give it a price. Inexpensive dog food. Because most of the low-priced dog food is made of grains, the nutrition is not comprehensive and unhealthy; if bichon eats too much, malnutrition will occur, resulting in rough and dry hair, and even skin diseases. In order to prevent Bichon Frise from having the above problems, it is recommended that the shovel officers feed it some nutrient-rich dog food containing beautiful hair ingredients, which is beneficial to its hair and health.

How to avoid Bichon Frise's tears?

Method 1: Occasionally massage the eye area to help clear the tear duct Method 2: Give Bichon Frise eye drops every week to relieve eye fatigue Method 3: When feeding dog food daily, you can match it with pear, Fruits and vegetables such as purple potatoes and carrots, a balanced diet Trim the hair around the eyes for Bichon Frise to prevent the hair from tying into the eyes. Conclusion: Do you think Bichon Frise is better, or Teddy? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section~


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