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Raising Cathrow is "challenging", can you accept these 6 points?

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Raising Cathrow is "challenging", can you accept these 6 points?

As one of the best three guard dogs, Cathrow has extraordinary courage and endurance, and is super loyal, but many people say that raising it is very challenging. Let's take a look at these 6 points, can you accept them? ? ①A member of the bulldog Even though Cathrow is a gentle dog who can "squeak" to his owner, he is still a descendant of bulldogs, with a brave temperament and a very strong bite force. It has a strong sense of protecting its master and is highly vigilant, and will ruthlessly attack those who may pose a threat to its master. ②Domineering appearance Cathrow's appearance is very domineering and fierce, with strong limbs, he looks serious and intimidating. It will definitely be very safe to keep it, but its appearance as a "big guy" out of the street can easily scare pedestrians and cause unnecessary trouble, so walking the dog may be in a sparsely populated place or in the dead of night. The opportunity to go out and show off the dog is almost pitiful. ③The amount of exercise is large. The amount of exercise of Cathrow is very large, and it needs to be exercised with it sooner or later, and it only takes about 1-2 hours to let it fully consume energy and ensure normal physical development, so it is not easy to raise it. Many people choose to give up because they can't insist on taking it to exercise. ④It has its little stubbornness. Although Cathrow is very loyal to the master, sometimes it also has its little stubbornness, so when training, it may be difficult, and the pet owner needs to pay more attention to the methods and methods, do not Forcing it, preferably with a snack to boost its motivation, will make the training more effective. ⑤ King of Saliva Many people can't stand Cathrow because he is a "king of saliva". He drools a lot every day, so he will inevitably have some smell on his body, and he stares at something and drools from time to time. It eats it, and the pet owner has to worry about it swallowing something by mistake. ⑥ The problem of feeding Cathrow can't be avoided by the king of dry rice. Cathrow is a "king of dry rice", and he eats a lot, because he is a large bulldog and has a lot of exercise, so he needs to add more energy. . So the shit shoveling officers who want to raise Cathrow, how many minerals are at home, and whether they can raise it well. You can't treat it badly if you raise it. It's best to choose a cost-effective dog food, which can fill its stomach and won't run out of money. Conclusion: Do you dare to challenge raising Cathrow?


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