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Why are cats fat? Do you know the 9 reasons why cats are obese?

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Why are cats fat? Do you know the 9 reasons why cats are obese?

Cats are not an easy-to-obesity animal, but many cats of cat friends are fattened as piglets. Excessive obesity will seriously threaten the health of cats and should be avoided as much as possible. Today, I will summarize the reasons why cats are obese. 1. Lack of exercise Now cats are mostly domesticated, especially most of the buildings in the city are high-rise, it is not convenient for cats to go out to play. Because cats prefer to scratch things, most families restrict the cat's range of activities, and some places are not allowed to go. This results in a very small range of daily activities for cats, and cats lack even the most basic exercise, and of course they gradually gain weight. 2. Eat too much Now everyone's life is better, and the quality of all kinds of food fed to cats is getting better and better. Cats also have a sufficient supply of food, some are fed several times a day, and most people simply eat a large bowl. Now there is an automatic feeding method. Cats can eat whenever they want, and eat as much as they want, and they will definitely gain weight. 3. Life is too busy. The purpose of human beings to raise cats is to catch mice, but many cats kept as pets can't catch mice, and they rarely encounter mice in urban survival. So now cats are basically companion animals, but people are usually very busy, working during the day and socializing at night, and there is not much time to play with cats. This causes cats to sleep at home every day, and have no good activities outside of eating, so they will definitely gain weight. 4. The fat content of cat food is high. Now the nutrition of cat food can be guaranteed, and for better palatability, some ingredients will be added to increase the palatability. In addition to those additions (pork liver powder and the like), it will also increase the fat content, because the higher fat content will also taste better. And now most cat food is high-temperature puffed food, and the fat puffing process at high temperature will make the food more crisp and delicious. Too much fat intake can also lead to obesity in cats. 5. Too much carbohydrate intake The above-mentioned cat food with more fat is considered to be mid-to-high-end, while low-end cat food will definitely not add too much fat, because the cost is too high. However, there are definitely problems with low-end cat food, that is, in order to save money, low-end cat food will add too much grain or starchy raw materials to reduce the proportion of meat. Whether these grains or starchy raw materials are rich in carbohydrates, as we all know, the main reason for obesity is actually excessive intake of carbohydrates. Therefore, cats that eat low-end food are actually more likely to gain weight, but this kind of fat is definitely unhealthy. 6. Eating too many snacks Before raising cats, buying cat food for cats was considered a luxury. Now it is different. All kinds of snacks are dazzling. Many cats eat snacks as meals every day, and the consumption of cat food is much less. Many cat treats are high in fat, protein, carbohydrates, and sugar. After all, snacks have to be crispier, tastier, and tastier. The result of a cat eating too much snacks is obesity. 7. After the neutered cat is sterilized, the amount of exercise decreases due to hormonal changes (estrus will stimulate the cat to exercise to find the opposite sex). It will cause cats to have a particularly good appetite and lack of exercise. Almost all neutered cats face obesity. 8. Diseases Some cat diseases can cause cats to become obese. Some diseases do not cause obesity, but the medicines they take can cause obesity. For example, some steroid drugs will cause cats to increase their food intake and cause obesity. 9. When pregnant, some cat owners are a bit mad. I once brought the cat to a pet hospital for a check-up, and said that I suddenly gained a lot of weight. The result is that the cat is pregnant. As for how to get pregnant, the cat owner doesn't know when. However, his cat is not neutered and occasionally goes out, which makes it difficult to avoid pregnancy problems. For these reasons, in fact, it can be solved. Increasing exercise, choosing good food, maintaining good eating habits, etc. can prevent cats from being overweight and affecting their health.


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