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The dog was stuck in the throat with a bone for 7 days, the owner stated: Treatment within 100 yuan can be considered

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The dog was stuck in the throat with a bone for 7 days, the owner stated: Treatment within 100 yuan can be considered

How many people regard the life of a dog as "a thousand pieces of gold can't be exchanged". As long as they live long, they are willing to pay no amount of money. Because in the hearts of these shit shoveling officers, dogs have long become a family-like existence. The dog in the following story is in danger of being stuck in the throat with a bone, but the owner ignores it. The dog was stuck in the throat with a bone for 7 days, and it was about to die. The story happened in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. When the eldest sister was walking the dog with her neighbors in the community a few days ago, she heard such a shocking thing: it is said that a neighbor's dog has been stuck in the throat with a bone for 7 days, and has not received treatment. , leave it alone. After hearing about this, the eldest sister has not recovered for a long time. She is also a dog owner. Just hearing this kind of thing makes her feel unacceptable. So after finding out the dog's address, he went to the neighbor's house. Seeing that the dog was about to die, the eldest sister asked the owner if she was willing to share the cost of treating the dog. But the master's answer was heart-wrenching. She said that spending less than 100 yuan for treatment can be considered, and if there is more, the dog will be left to fend for itself. After hearing such words, the eldest sister didn't say anything, and told the owner that she was willing to help the dog with treatment, but gave the dog to herself when asked. Unexpectedly, the owner didn't even think about it, just like throwing a "hot potato" and saying yes. On the way to the treatment, when the dog kept giving the woman a "bow" to take the elevator to leave, the dog might know that he was saved, so he stood up reluctantly, and kept making a bow to the kind person in front of him, like Expressing thanks. After the dog was sent to the hospital, the doctor confirmed that the chicken bone was stuck in the dog's throat, but it was not very serious. If it was stuck in the stomach, it would be a waste of time. After hearing the doctor's words, the eldest sister was relieved, and it would be good to treat. As for the cost of treatment, she has already discussed with a few friends to share it evenly. So let the doctor quickly treat the dog. Soon, the chicken bones were taken out of the dog's stomach by the doctor, and the dog returned to a lively appearance. In fact, the cost of treatment is not much. Big sister really can't figure it out. For a few hundred dollars, do you really feel guilty about giving up the treatment of a dog that has been raised for so long? A new owner has been found for the dog. After treating the dog, the eldest sister also took Wang to the grooming shop to trim the dog's fur. Not to mention how happy the little guy is, he has been revolving around the eldest sister. Now, the dog has found a new owner, the elder sister's younger brother and sister, and he is also very loving. I believe that his future Wang Sheng will also have a great turning point, and he will be very happy from now on. Seeing the dog recovering to health again, veterinarian Xiao Ming is also happy for him from the bottom of his heart. A chicken bone can tell the owner's feelings for it, which is so heart-wrenching. However, dogs are also very lucky. It is worthwhile to meet a kind person and get stuck in a bone. Message: Compared with the owners who are willing to spend money to treat their dogs, the owner in the story is very inferior. If you just don’t want to spend a little money to treat the dog, what kind of dog is there? Owning a dog is a waste of time and money, all of which should be considered before raising a dog. When they are really sick, but they ignore it, it is better not to raise them in the first place. I hope that every shit shoveler can be responsible for their pets. If they can't take on the responsibility of taking care of them for a lifetime, don't bring pets home from the beginning. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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