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Woman picks up "beautiful" cat

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Woman picks up "beautiful" cat

If you are fortunate enough to have a scheming kitten, then you can deeply understand what a "green tea cat" is. Just after a rain in the early morning, the woman's husband went downstairs to walk the dog. Suddenly, the dog seemed to have found something and rushed directly to the grass. The husband followed and looked forward to see that there was a kitten in the grass. The kitten is a silver grad, very family, and it looks clean after being licked and hugged, and 80% of it came out of someone's house. The couple also raised two cats, so they couldn't see the cat suffering outside, and after discussing it, they decided to bring it home first. The next day, the couple contacted the property and searched for pet-seeking inspiration in a nearby unit building, but there was no clue of the owner for the time being. In the past two days, the picked up kittens have been very well-behaved and clingy. They often ask people to touch their heads. They also love to be clean. After using the toilet, they will be buried in cat litter. Although it looks timid and not a demon, the aboriginal cat in the family has always disliked it. In particular, a cat with orange spots on a white background often blocks the door of other people's cages and scolds it. Even when the family dog ​​passed by, it was slapped on the head by this aboriginal man: I told you to go out for a stroll in the early morning and see the good green tea you brought back! Because it is very scolding, this cat likes to mention the nickname of "trash cat". When the woman sees the troll cat so angry, she will also try to coax it; after the jealous troll cat pretended to push back several times, she still accepted the owner's apology with disgust. It didn't take long for the picked cats to get used to the woman's home and start to venture around boldly. At the same time, the woman also received a message from a strange girl and found the owner of the silver gradient through her. It turned out that the cat had not been neutered. After hearing the sound of a wild cat in heat outside that night, he sneaked out while the owner was not at home. I thought that the fate between the woman and the cat was over, but I didn't expect things to change. The cat owner said that his mother went out of town a while ago, and now he is the only one at home. He leaves early and returns late every day. He really has no time to take care of the cat, so he hopes the woman can take it in. Women are Strange: Why not just look for adoption? It turned out that the strange girl who provided the cat's owner was the previous adopter of the cat. Because the cat was urinating everywhere in her house, she sent the cat back just one month later. The cat owner also said that when the cat was in his house, he didn't pay attention to hygiene, and he didn't bury it at all after pooping. The board was also removed. The woman was very surprised when she heard it: it turned out that the cat was pretending to be cute when she was in her home. It was so scheming, no wonder netizens said it was green tea! Finally, the woman and the cat owner agreed to formally adopt the cat. When he misses the cat, he can come to see it or pick him up and live for two days. The first thing to do after adoption is to take it to cut eggs to avoid future troubles. The operation was very successful, and everyone was very happy - except for the kitten Benmao, but under the food strategy, he finally gradually forgot his troubles. If breeding is not required, then neutering is more beneficial than detrimental to pets. Veterinarian Xiao Ming respects the idea of ​​not wanting to sterilize pets, but you should take more care of the shit shoveling officers, don't let the little cuties get lost again! The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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