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When the typhoon was transferred, the old man hugged the dog in his arms tightly, and the "calling" of Wang was touching

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When the typhoon was transferred, the old man hugged the dog in his arms tightly, and the "calling" of Wang was touching

In the eyes of some people, dogs are just people's pets, and they need to be kept alive by their owners. As everyone knows, sometimes dogs are more important to people. After being raised for a long time, the dog will gradually become the spiritual sustenance of the owner. It seems that the dog cannot be separated from the human being, but in fact, more often, the human cannot be separated from the dog. Like the old man in the story below. Typhoon "Plum Blossom" struck, and the old man carried his dog and moved the story happened in Wenling, Zhejiang. In the past few days, many areas have been affected by the typhoon "Plum Blossom". And a small village in Wenling, Zhejiang, began to transfer people when it received a typhoon warning. It was raining lightly that day, and the villagers were holding umbrellas, and they all took some important things and got on the bus one by one. In the crowd, an old man looked particularly dazzling. He is not like others, carrying things in large and small bags. All over his body, except for himself, there was only the dog in his arms. The uncle didn't even want to let the dog run on the ground, but wrapped it tightly in a sheet and held it tightly in his arms. While walking, I looked at it from time to time, for fear that it would be drenched in rain. Some of the surrounding staff who helped with the transfer were stunned. The other villagers were afraid of being burdened, so they hardly brought any "living animals". Only this uncle, the typhoon hit, did not forget his dog. The name of the dog is even more touching. When someone asked why the uncle brought the dog, his answer made the eyes of the people on the side wet. "This is my nan nan~" His eyes never shifted from the dog, and he looked at Wang the whole time, showing that he had already regarded the dog as his family. So when the typhoon hit, he had to bring this "family" with him. Then the uncle took the dog onto the bus, and he was not willing to put the dog down until he got in the bus. The dog is the spiritual sustenance of the uncle. After being shared on the Internet, the video of "The uncle hugs the dog and transfers it" has attracted the attention of many people. While being moved by the uncle's feelings for the dog, netizens also deeply lamented the difficulty of the uncle. Perhaps the uncle is usually alone at home, so the dog has become his only concern. "Even if there is nothing left, I don't want to be separated from it." Many netizens also empathized with the uncle. They said that when they thought that one day their pets would die and they would be separated from each other, their tears could not stop flowing. Damn, this scene made the veterinarian Xiao Ming feel a lot. The name "Nannan" can be called on the dog, which shows that the old man really loves the dog and treats it as a granddaughter. In addition, dogs are also very lucky to meet their owners who love them so much. Message: Veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that the reason why many shit shoveling officers dote on their dogs is not only because they think they are cute and loyal, but more importantly, they bring many moving moments to their lives. Although they can't speak, but through their behavior and expressions, the shit shoveling can really feel that they are actually furry children who know everything except that they can't speak. The life of a dog is very short, and the time you can spend with the owner is also very limited. I hope everyone can cherish the time when the dog is around and spend more time with them. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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