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"Raising a dog but not a pair" - why do you say that?

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"Raising a dog but not a pair" - why do you say that?

Many people raise dogs, and they are worried that the dog will be alone and want to find a companion for it, but some people say: why do you say that if you don’t raise a dog? Let's take a look at it together

Superstitious statement

In some places, there will be such a statement. Keeping a dog and raising a pair of unlucky dogs is also It is a dog with a double-mouthed dog and the word "crying" looks unlucky and easy to attract Yin, but now is the age of science. Feudal superstition is not credible.

Fighting or fighting for pets

When raising two dogs, you must consider their relationship problems. One dog, no matter how troublesome it is, it is the pleasure of the dog and the owner. Two dogs, when they make trouble, it is a mess. I don’t know who is more distressed. And when I go home, two dogs come together to ask which one to touch first, and the other will never do it. I can only throw the things in my hands and both hands are covered with rain and dew

You are excluded

, but it is possible that the dogs are not competing for favor, but they are as good as wearing a pair of pants, then they may not play with you and you want to play with When they play, they may turn you around. Happy is their loneliness transferred to you /h1> It is more difficult to take two dogs for a walk. It requires a lot of physical strength. Not to mention the two dogs, there will be two directions, and you are probably the one who is caught in the middle and dragged away. A dog will be very imposing when going out, and the dog may be more arrogant. If you don't hold the dog tightly, you may watch a group fight for free, but the owner is still the one who cleans up the mess

Double the destructive power

If you raise two dogs, you can’t help but be afraid that the destructive power of demolishing your home will also be doubled. Fierce, so raising two dogs should be calm in the face of "surprise" and smile at the face, but in the face of a dog that has been demolished, it is still necessary to walk more to completely consume their physical strength and train them to improve the owner's majesty. Criticize badly and give teething treats for good performance to slowly reduce the number of times they are demolished

double the cost

You must know that the cost of raising a dog is not small, but raising a pair means that the cost is double. There is no certain family background, but don’t raise it at will, especially if you want to raise a large dog, the diet alone is enough to make you The wallet is flat, but if you have a dog, you must be serious and responsible. You can choose a cost-effective dog food for them to satisfy the dog's appetite without spending too much money. Conclusion: How many puppies do you have at home?


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