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The biggest lie in the world: owning a dog means raising a "Samoyed"

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The biggest lie in the world: owning a dog means raising a "Samoyed"

Samoyed has white hair, soft and cute, and has a well-behaved smile. It is easy to give people a misunderstanding: it is so cute, and if you keep a dog, you must keep a Samoyed! but! This is the biggest lie in the world. It's not so perfect. Under the well-behaved skin is a "difficult" core.

is a "black belly"

His face is always filled with a healing "smile", as kind as an angel, but it is actually He is a "black belly", who often wears this harmless face and makes trouble. After all, he is one of the three idiots of the sleigh. If he doesn't do anything to demolish his home, wouldn't he be worthy of his name? So don't underestimate its destructive power, it also has the ability to blow your lungs in minutes.

is a "coward"

If the Samoyed has the size of a medium-sized dog, but he is timid and easy to hear the news Astonished, I wish I could directly indent into the arms of the pet master and ask for comfort. So if you want to raise it to protect yourself and accompany yourself to be courageous, it is probably impossible, and you will even be often frightened by it.

is a "scruffy ghost"

Samoyed white and long hair, clean and innocent, looks very exciting, but this is all the hard work of the pet owner In fact, it is not very clean, and even a "sloppy ghost". It loves to roll on the ground, and its white fur is not resistant to getting dirty. It is a disaster to go out in rainy days. If you raise it, you must be prepared to help it clean up frequently, otherwise you can only raise a small dirty dog.

It is a "perpetual motion machine"

Samoyed is more energetic, after all, it is a sled dog, and the amount of exercise it needs is It is relatively large, so don’t challenge it easily if you don’t have the time and energy. Because it may go out to walk it, it will become it walking people, the owner is tired, but it is still alive and kicking, with a face full of meaning, and it cannot not be satisfied with it, it will really be very tired.

It is a "hair loss monster"

It's white hair is not only easy to get dirty, but also loses a lot of hair, so the price of keeping it soft and cute is It must be swept behind it frequently to help it take care of it. If you want its hair to be more beautiful, you can take it to the sun more, eat more complementary foods that can beautify the hair, such as egg yolks, salmon, carrots, etc., but if it is unwilling to eat egg yolks, you can replace it with egg yolks replacement of.

Has a "glass stomach"

Samoyeds are very gluttonous, their eyes will light up and their saliva will flow when they see food , and will look at you with innocent and pleading eyes, but it is a "glass stomach", even if it can't help it, you can't feed it indiscriminately. If it eats poor quality food or eats the wrong thing, its stomach and intestines can easily become uncomfortable and lead to illness. Therefore, it is best to prepare high-quality, well-digested dog food for it to make its stomach healthier. Conclusion: Do you want to challenge raising a Samoyed after reading it?


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