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Qinghai's 1,600-jin "Cow Demon King" went down the mountain, with its horns facing the sky and half a meter long, the herdsmen used cow dung to escape the attack

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Qinghai's 1,600-jin "Cow Demon King" went down the mountain, with its horns facing the sky and half a meter long, the herdsmen used cow dung to escape the attack

A herdsman is grazing yaks on a hillside in the Tuotuohe pastoral area in Qinghai Province. On the vast pasture, a huge shadow sneaked into the herd, but it was seen through by the owner of the herd at a glance. Because it stands out too much, although it looks very similar to a domestic yak, its size is really too big, even the most robust yak in the herd looks like an immature calf in front of it. This black figure is the wild yak. The owner of the wild yak mixed in with the cattle was secretly vigilant in his heart, and did not step forward to drive the wild yak, but the wild yak suddenly caught sight of the cattle owner. Centimeters, the thick and sharp horns of half an arm are aimed at the owner of the cow, and it makes a sound like a pig. The horns of the domestic yak are usually straight up, but the horns of the wild yak are long towards the front. He glanced left and right, and suddenly saw a pile of cow dung piled aside. And the wild yak has already started to run and accelerate, rushing towards the owner of the cow! The weight of wild yak varies greatly, ranging from 300 kg to 1 ton, and the body length is between 2.5 meters and 3.3 meters. This wild yak is burly and at least 800 kilograms according to visual estimation. The owner of the cow took advantage of the moment it charged and hid behind the cow dung pile, and then squatted down to hide himself. If the cow owner hides behind the cow dung pile, the wild yak can run at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. The distance between the owner of the cow and it is not far. The wild yak rushed to the side of the cow dung pile. The owner of the cow could even hear its breathing, but the owner of the cow stayed calm and quickly adjusted his position so that he would not be exposed to the sight of the wild yak. In the middle of the game, the wild yak shook his head and seemed a little puzzled, but seeing the "opponent" disappeared, it lost its interest in fighting, and left slowly, and the herdsmen escaped.

Ferocious and violent wild yak

The wild yak has a violent temperament, thick limbs, large and round hooves, and generally likes to live in groups. The number of a group of wild yaks ranges from more than ten There are hundreds of heads, and there are few rivals on the plateau. In addition, the wild yak's skin is also very thick and tough, and some herdsmen even used the wild yak skin as a cutting board, and chopped bones and meat on it. Only a pack of wolves can threaten them, but their sharp horns are very powerful. It is said that a wild yak once overturned the jeep. If the wolf was pushed, they would even be directly pushed up to 2 meters high and injured. The wild yak, both male and female, will show their "bull temper" and attack desperately, either the enemy will fall down, or they will die of exhaustion. Therefore, wolves tend to hunt only those single cattle that are separated from the herd. Every year from September to November is the breeding season of wild yak. ​​At this time, the male yak will become extraordinarily violent, and the phenomenon of "jealousy" is very fierce. Two male yaks will fight with each other and even knock one over to the ground. The loser Either quietly follow and wait for an opportunity, or just leave the herd to find another new love. In this case, some wild yaks will come down the mountain to "beg their daughter-in-law".

Going down the mountain to "beg a daughter-in-law"

This incident in Qinghai is actually not uncommon in the local area, especially during the breeding season, wild yaks will mix with domestic yaks "Begging a wife" in the group. The domestic yak has been domesticated for thousands of years, through artificial selection and crossbreeding with cattle, the temperament has become mild and tame, but the body size has also become significantly smaller. Domestic yak A male domestic yak is only about the same size as a female wild yak, and its strength is not as strong as that of a wild yak. The wild yak is like a "bull king" in the domestic cattle herd. The female domestic yak is really petite and pitiful in front of it. It is said that some people have witnessed the scene of the fight between the wild yak and the domestic yak. ​​Although the domestic yak is brave and fearless, the gap between the two is too big. The domestic yak is picked up by the wild yak with its thick horns in a few rounds. In the air, take advantage of the situation and let the poor yak die on the spot. It's just that the wild yak is very vigilant, and it is easy to target herdsmen. In the past, there were also news that herdsmen were injured. The wild yak in the herd, but herdsmen generally do not expel the wild yak, not only because it is a national first-class protected animal, but also because the wild yak and the domestic yak can produce mixed blood offspring. The mixed-breed yak is stronger than the ordinary domestic yak, and the price is doubled. More importantly, the domestic yak has degenerated as it continues to breed, and its resistance to the cold of the plateau is not as good as that of the wild yak. The genes left behind prevent this degeneration. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Wild yaks seem to be wild by nature, and some wild yaks even "abduct" domestic yaks back to the wilderness, and mixed-breed yaks are also engraved with the desire for freedom in their genes, and they often think To run into the wilderness. However, because there is no reproductive isolation, the return of domestic yak and mixed yak to the wilderness will affect the purity of wild yak racial genes, and the diseases that domestic yaks are prone to suffer will also cause an irresistible blow to the wild yak population. People had to send out the escaped yaks to bring them back. The yaks tied to the car made an amazing move at this time. They struggled violently, roared, and kept hitting the car with their horns until they died of exhaustion. It seems to them that freedom is beyond life and death.

The Boat on the Plateau

One winter, in order to deliver a batch of emergency relief supplies, people took yaks over the snow-capped mountains, but they encountered a blizzard at night, and the temperature dropped to It was minus 33 degrees Celsius, even if I stayed in the felt tent, I was still shivering and couldn't sleep all night. The yaks that had been staying outside the tents were covered with half a foot of snow overnight, but as long as the snow was cleared, the yaks could continue on the road. The domestic yak whose cold resistance is not as good as the wild yak can do this, let alone the wild yak? On the shoulders, sides of the wild yak, and under the chest and abdomen, there is a layer of thick and dense, curved and elastic coat. The body hair is 40 cm long and almost hangs down to the ground. Pieces of "black satin" that run like a "cloak", making them even more majestic. This "black satin" can help them keep out the wind and rain, and resist the cold, even if they lie in the ice and snow, they will not feel cold. Wild yaks usually live in high valleys at an altitude of 3,000 to 6,000 meters. At an altitude of 4,500 meters, the oxygen content of the plateau air is less than 60% of that in the plains. Most of the places are uninhabited and the environment is harsh. This will cause symptoms of high altitude hypoxia, difficulty breathing, dizziness, headache, and even life-threatening. But this is the paradise of wild yak. The wild yak has a special respiratory system. Compared with other bovines, they have an extra 1~2 pairs of ribs, which makes their thoracic cavity larger and has a higher lung capacity. The lungs are well developed and the pulmonary ducts are short and thick. Able to breathe rapidly and at a high rate. They also have fairly high levels of hemoglobin in their blood, which are capable of storing and transporting large amounts of oxygen. For the extreme adaptability of the snowy plateau, it can also accurately identify and bypass dangerous areas such as potholes and swamps covered by ice and snow on the road, allowing the wild yak to reach places that many other wild animals cannot. Therefore, the wild yak It also has the reputation of "the boat on the plateau".


Archaeological discoveries show that there were traces of human activities on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as early as 30,000 years ago, but it was not until 7,300 years ago that domesticated After the domestic yak, the Tibetan people had stable living materials, which triggered the first population explosion on the plateau, and the advancement of farmland technology triggered the second population explosion, which in turn led to a large-scale growth of the domestic yak population. It was through the yak that humans began to gain a foothold on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. To this day, yak is still the most important subsistence for Tibetan people in pastoral areas, and it is the source of most of the protein and fat in Tibetan food. The relationship between wild yak, domestic yak and human beings is just like the relationship between man and nature. There are contradictions and confrontations, but they are connected to each other. They are inseparable and share the blue sky on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. References "Yak - The "Plateau Boat" Carrying Life and Civilization" Chen Huaiqing "Yak, the sacred cow in the hearts of the Tibetan people" Hu Ji "Tall and mighty plateau "fighter": Wild Yak" Du Zhiyu ""Plateau giant" Wild Yak" Jiang Nanhua "One episode of Fengshen, finally there is such a film in China" CCTV Network


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