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Scar vs Sheryl Khan, who will have the last laugh if these two big bad guys have a hard anal face?

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Scar vs Sheryl Khan, who will have the last laugh if these two big bad guys have a hard anal face?

Scar vs Sheri Khan, one is the heinous Barbary lion, and the other is the sinful Bengal tiger. If these two big bad guys are one-on-one, who will have the last laugh? In this issue, the Director of the Exploration Bureau will decrypt it for you.

1. Scar

Scar is a villain in the 2019 movie "The Lion King", a strong The Barbary Lion. As Mufasa's brother and the second son of Prince of Glory, Scar is next in line to the throne. However, his chance was lost when his nephew Simba was born. This fills Scar with jealousy and a sense of entitlement, prompting it to devise a regicide plot to take the kingdom with the help of Hyena's men. Let's see what the scar looks like next! Scar is elegant and composed, yet unkempt and wild. Possibly the most obvious of the feline lions, it has a scruffy and somber appearance, with a sleek black mane, tawny fur and distinctive almond-shaped neon green eyes. It has a large, tan mane and long, curved black claws that, unlike those of other lions, are always bare and never retracted, perhaps a hint of its vicious nature. Scar also wears a white goatee, which is a distinctly villainous trait. In the end, Scar had a small, thin pink scar on his left eye, which gave him the title "Scar." Next, let's look at Scar's character traits. Scar seems to have a certain sense of inferiority. Maybe the talent in these genes is somewhat different from that of his elder brother, which makes him suppressed by his elder brother since he was a child, resulting in a stronger sense of inferiority. And this, also makes him a bit of a split personality, often responding to conversations with sarcasm and subtle insults. We have to admit, though, that it's clever, and as it likes to boast, it's easy to manipulate situations and conversations to its own advantage. In the end, Scar is still an abominable sadist who cheated on his nephew and then mocked him further, really perverted!

2. Sheri Khan

Sheri Khan is the number one villain in the 2016 movie "Fantasy Forest", all animals in the forest are right It is terrified and is thus described as "a fearful creature", and it "terrifies everyone it encounters because it comes from a place of fear". Sheri Khan is the embodiment of power. The way he fights is very simple and rude, and he really uses his advantages to crush the opponent. Sheri Khan is a huge and strong Bengal tiger. It weighs 230 kilograms, stands about 1 meter high at the shoulders, and is 3.1 meters long including the tail. Because it was burned by fire since childhood, it left some scars on its face! It has strong muscles, strong limbs, and sharp claws that can cause serious damage to opponents. At the same time, its canine teeth are also very sharp, at least 11 cm long, and the bite force is at least 1,100 pounds. Finally, its athletic ability is also very good. In addition to escaping in the sea of ​​fire, its jumping raids in the mountain stream forest have shown its top explosive power, jumping ability and speed. Next we look at the character traits of Sheri Khan. First of all, Sheri Khan has been seriously hurt by humans, so it is full of hatred for humans. As long as it sees humans, especially Mowgli, it will kill each other at all costs. Secondly, it is very savage and bloodthirsty, and its killing methods are extremely cruel no matter who it faces. However, Shali Khan also has a deep fear in his heart, because of his childhood experience, he is very afraid of fire, and once it comes into contact with fire, he will lose his combat effectiveness instantly. Of course, Sheri Khan is also quite conceited and arrogant. He had many friends when he was a child, but because of this character trait, his friends also left him, which indirectly caused his deformed personality. In the end, we must admit that Shari Khan is quite smart, because in the face of his enemies, he will make many wise choices and let himself succeed many times.

3. The ultimate battle

After the above analysis, it is time to fight! Scar vs Sheryl Khan, who is stronger? From the point of view of species and character design, in terms of body size, the two should be regarded as one-level opponents. Sheri Khan is a giant Bengal tiger weighing 230kg, while Scar, a Barbary lion, apparently weighs more than 230kg. Then we look at the battle experience of each side. Although Scar couldn't beat Mufasa, it was the second general after Mufasa. Even the spotted hyenas had to surrender to it. Obviously, its strength was above that of a group of spotted hyenas. Its only battle is the decisive battle with Simba. Although it is finally defeated, it is obvious that if Simba is not possessed by Mufasa's magical power, he will not be the opponent of Scar at all. On the other hand, in addition to completely abusing the small animals in the forest, the most direct battle of Sheri Khan is to continuously single out the big brown bear, the wolf pack and the black panther, and finally kill them and become the king of beasts. In fact, we can also infer some comparisons that can be referenced. Scar is stronger than a pack of spotted hyenas, and Sheri Khan is stronger than a pack of wolves. Although we cannot know the number of individuals in a group of spotted hyenas and a group of gray wolves, we assume they are the same number for the time being. At the same time, in the case of the same number, the combat power of a group of wolves is significantly smaller than that of a group of spotted hyenas. However, we cannot conclude that Shari Khan lost to Scar. Because the spotted hyena just surrendered to the scar, but Shari Khan killed a pack of wolves directly. Likewise, we cannot conclude that Shari Khan must be stronger than Scar, because Mufasa can kill a pack of spotted hyenas, and Scar, who is slightly weaker than Mufasa, must be able to do it. After we can't deduce who is stronger from the size and combat experience, we can consider the characters of both sides. While both are big villains, Scar is the more cunning side, who can use all kinds of intrigue at all costs in order to win. And although Sheri Khan is brutal and smart, he obviously has less brains, and he won't use vile tactics in a row in order to win. So, in terms of IQ, it's not that Shere Khan isn't smart, it's just that Scar is better at exploiting. Moreover, I mentioned in the previous video that Mufasa has a 55% chance of defeating Sheri Khan. As Mufasa's younger brother, Scar's combat power must be very close to Mufasa, so it can be inferred that the sword Scar might also be stronger than Sheri Khan! Therefore, in the end, the Commissioner concluded that Scar would have a 50.8% chance of defeating Sheri Khan. Do you agree with the Secretary's analysis and conclusions? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area.


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