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The owner wants to sell the bitch at the price of dog meat, and the mother dog keeps bowing to passers-by: take us home

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The owner wants to sell the bitch at the price of dog meat, and the mother dog keeps bowing to passers-by: take us home

How hard can a dog mother try to save her child? A video of "Dog mother keeps bowing at passers-by just to beg passers-by to adopt herself and her child" has aroused the attention of many people. The story takes place in Luoyang, Henan. In the tricycle, the mother dog and the cubs were about to be sold. When the man went to the market to buy things, a mother dog in the tricycle by the road caught his attention. It kept standing and kept yawning at the passing pedestrians. . After inquiries, I learned that it was dragged by the owner and the cubs to the market for sale. The original owner said that he did not want to keep them, so he sold them at a low price. The mother dog may also know that her next destiny is swaying like a tree in the wind, so she earnestly asks passers-by to take a few of their mother and son away, hoping to change her Wang Sheng. From time to time it glances at its own children, and from time to time at passers-by: can you take us home? Originally, the man was also moved by the behavior of the dog's mother, but his house has already housed hundreds of stray animals, and he can't afford it, so he can only watch silently not far away, hoping to have kindhearted people Adopt them. The owner intends to sell the dog mother at the price of dog meat. Unfortunately, until the market is about to end, no one comes up to inquire, so what will be the fate of the dogs? The owner was very disappointed when he saw that no one came to buy the dog, so he came up with a new idea and decided to sell the mother dog at the price of dog meat. He said, maybe there are too few people who want to raise a poodle now, so maybe it is sold as dog meat. Simpler. That is to say, the dog will not only lose its original home, but may also lose its life. The man on the side broke the defense in an instant. Facing the mother dog in front of him, he could no longer ignore it. If he didn't do it, maybe it was about to have lunch. Although it was very difficult to raise more than 200 stray dogs by myself, I gritted my teeth and bought the mother dog together with the cubs, otherwise my conscience would be in trouble. The mother dog and the cubs have a new home. Now that the mother dog and the cubs have been adopted, they no longer have to worry about being abandoned. Although the new living conditions are not very good, I have to live in a large yard with hundreds of stray animals, and I can't enjoy the feeling of being alone, but it is good to be alive. I am grateful to the kindhearted people who can save the dogs and give them a chance to live. It can be seen that the mother dog's desire to survive is really strong. . Message: There is an old saying, "No matter how poor you are, you won't sell a watchdog." What's more, dogs are not worth much at all. How long can a little money be spent in exchange for dogs. Isn't a life worth a few hundred dollars worth? I hope that the shit shoveling officers, since they have pets, they must start from the beginning, and the moment they bring them home, they must be prepared to be responsible for their life. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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