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After the stray dog ​​was adopted, he ran 4 kilometers on a rainy day to find the original owner: he still liked his previous home

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After the stray dog ​​was adopted, he ran 4 kilometers on a rainy day to find the original owner: he still liked his previous home

What is the most exciting part of having a dog? Maybe it's the "loyalty". Unlike other animals, dogs can have deep feelings for people, and as long as they identify their owners, they will not change easily. Like the stray dog ​​in the story below, it touched many people. The story takes place in Chongqing. When Miss Sister was looking at the owner group this day, she found that some owners were looking for "claim" in the group, and it seemed that someone's dog was lost. When she clicked on the picture, she couldn't believe it: "Why is it?" It turned out that the dog was not someone else, but the stray dog ​​she sent for adoption a few days ago. Why did the dog that was sent away so well come back? Speaking of which, it's pretty amazing. After the stray dog ​​was adopted, it ran 4 kilometers and came back. As early as more than a week ago, on the way home, the young lady encountered a stray dog ​​that was wet and dirty. It was pitiful to look at at that time. , and called it. Unexpectedly, I was "touched by porcelain". The little stray dog ​​followed behind him until he returned home. The soft-hearted little sister had no intention of raising a dog, but everyone came back and couldn't refuse. The next day, she took it to the pet store for a bath and planned to adopt it herself. Although the little guy is clingy, he has a great temper. He likes to scold people whenever he disagrees. He just gave him a bath, and after scolding him for half an hour, the woman is speechless. Later, after raising it for a week, since the woman didn't have time to walk it, and her husband didn't let him keep a dog, I found a suitable adopter for it, thinking that as long as it has a home, it will be fine, and I will not care about it later. . So when it reappeared in my sight, it was really shocking, because my community was 4 kilometers away from its adopter, how did it get back? The stray dog ​​scolded and seemed to blame the woman for being chained aside by the security guard of the community. When she saw the young lady again, the dog kept barking and seemed to blame the woman for sending him away. In fact, the little sister was also very moved when she saw it. She didn't expect that she only raised it for a week, so she let it recognize herself and ran back again across the distance. But I really couldn't raise it myself, and the neighbors upstairs felt scared when they saw it swearing, so now I can only send it back to the adopter again. But the young lady decided that if the adopter lost it again, she would adopt it herself. Message: In fact, the dog's inner world is very simple. If you treat it well, it will remember you and recognize you. So this is why so many dogs wait for their owners after their owners pass away. After we have dogs, we should take responsibility for them and not let them down. Maybe in our eyes, they are just pets, but in their hearts, we are the only one. Except that dogs can't speak, they understand everything. They will be happy because of their owners, and they will also be depressed because of their owners. It can be said that they revolve around their owners all their lives. So, don't make the furry child sad. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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