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The cat took a mouse and went home to play, but it was lost. The owner: it's better not to catch it

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The cat took a mouse and went home to play, but it was lost. The owner: it's better not to catch it

We all know that the purpose of raising cats is to drive mice out of the house, but some cats have their own ideas, which leads to more and more mice being caught. In Shandong, an uncle rented a house in the countryside and lived a plain and leisurely rural life. Until one day, a stray orange cat broke into his yard. This orange cat is not afraid of people. It's lazy and fat. It just lays down there when it picks a place to be licked and hugged. It's very pleasing, so it was successfully adopted by the uncle as a house cat (and its eggs were cut). On weekdays, the uncle is very used to this cat. It will stay on the roof from time to time and refuse to come down, and the uncle will not use coercion, but feed the cat with cat strips and cans. Seeing that the cat doesn't like drinking water and didn't urinate in the litter box, the uncle would use a needle to feed the rebellious cat with water and find anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment. As time goes by, the cat who feels the owner's love becomes more and more reckless. One day, it caught a mouse out of nowhere and brought it into the yard to play. The cat chased the mouse just for fun, so the mouse was not injured and was still alive and kicking. For a while, the mouse ran wild in the front, the cat slapped the back, and a game of chasing was a lot of fun. When the cat and the mouse ran to the stone pier beside the wall, the mouse suddenly twisted its butt and disappeared into the crack of the stone, stunned both the cat and the person. The orange cat was lazy, and after finding that the mice were gone, he walked around the stone pier twice and sniffed, and then lay down on the balcony to bask in the sun. Only the uncle was still struggling to find the mice. Seeing the lazy cat on the side, the uncle is also angry and funny: He is really a good cat, he only knows to take the mouse home, but he is responsible, kill it or find it, it doesn't matter! The uncle really became more and more angry, so he went to the balcony and carried the cat to the stone pier to let it find mice. The cat is also an old fritter, not only pretending not to hear, but also wagging its tail and running to the side to lie down, turning its stomach to bask in the sun. Seeing this scene, the uncle also understands that he can't count on it anymore when it comes to looking for mice. After a long sigh, the uncle finally calmed down: No way, who called it his own cat! In the end, the mouse could not find it. Netizens laughed and sprayed after seeing it, and they gave the uncle a trick: This cat is too full. If you give it two meals, it will take the initiative to catch mice! Hunting is a cat's instinct. For some cats who are bold and have the conditions to go out, it is common to catch a mouse and bug; as for the purpose of bringing the prey home, in addition to playing, it is to give the owner as a gift. If the shit shoveler has a headache for bringing back mice and bugs to the cats in the house, don't scold them loudly in case they bring other worse gifts next time. On the contrary, the shoveling officers can pretend to accept it, and then restrict the cat’s movement so that it can no longer go out to hunt, and at the same time play and interact with the cat at home to divert the cat’s attention. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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