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Why are there so few people in Alaska, these 7 points are inseparable

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Why are there so few people in Alaska, these 7 points are inseparable

Alaska is one of the most popular large dogs in China. It is fluffy, like a large pillow, and has a docile personality, but why are there so few people? The reason is inseparable from these 7 points.

①Large living space required

Alaska is a very large dog, so it needs a lot of living space Yes, and now many people live in communities or the like, and there are not many places to satisfy them. If the living space is too small and you have to support them, you are not only embarrassing yourself, but also embarrassing them.

②fancy in use

It looks tall and mighty, like a sportsman who can protect people, but it is His character is very docile and clingy, even a coward. Although it is very contrasting and cute, if you want it to protect you, you may not be able to do it. Instead, it will hide behind you and let you protect it.

③The dog hair is flying all over the sky

Alaska was originally a dog in the cold area. It has double coats to keep out the cold and is thick and thick. It is dense, so if it sheds hair, it will be more severe, and there may be "local snowfall" in the home, and it is also a big project to clean.

④Exercise energy is sufficient

Alaska is comparable to the battery with super battery life. It was born as a sled working dog. It is quite abundant, and it often happens that the owner is exhausted and it is still warming up, and it must have more than 2 hours of exercise time every day, otherwise it will be enough to see if it will cause damage to you.

⑤Is it really "tear the house"

Alaska is really worthy of its title of "tear the house", or else If you say that you don't have any real skills, you can't be the big idiot of the three sleigh idiots. Therefore, after raising it, the furniture in the home will inevitably be subject to its "secondary transformation", and the pet owner must have a strong psychological capacity to provoke it.

⑥Independence is relatively poor

Its character is relatively clingy and depends on the owner, so its independence will be relatively Poor, it will ask the owner for help when encountering anything, and it is very simple, friendly and docile to people, and it is easy to be deceived. If you want to improve its independence and ability, you need to train it more, take it out to make other dog friends, encourage it to complete tasks by itself, etc. If it behaves well, you can reward it with treats, and it will be better sensible and obedient.

⑦Four-legged golden beast

Raising a large dog is a big challenge, especially in Alaska, its size is bigger than Other ordinary pet dogs are bigger, so its daily expenses will not be low, just to take a bath will be more expensive than others. Furthermore, it is still very edible. It is a king of dry rice. The dog food is designated as crazy and dazzling, so the cost of raising it will be very high. But if you want to save a little bit of expenses, it is recommended to choose a cost-effective dog food for it, which can not only satisfy its nutrition, but also avoid empty households. Conclusion: Do you want to challenge raising an Alaska?

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