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Notice! Once a dog has these 8 behaviors, it is asking you for help

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Notice! Once a dog has these 8 behaviors, it is asking you for help

Like humans, dogs can get sick, but they can't speak. How can they "seek help" from their owners? In fact, some of its behaviors have already asked you for help. Follow the editor to see what the behavior is! Behavior 1: Increased appetite Why do you say that the dog's appetite has increased greatly, because it is "calling for help" from you? Although the increase in appetite is a good thing, but the increase in appetite does not gain weight at the same time, the master should pay attention! Because this may be a ghost caused by parasites in it, it will absorb the nutrients from the dog, so that the dog will not gain weight by eating only! Therefore, the shovel officers remember to deworm the dog regularly, which can reduce the probability of the dog being infected with parasites! Behavior 2: Hit the wall with your head Some owners will think that the dog is a little stupid when they see the dog banging its head against the wall, and will want to laugh. But be careful after laughing, because this is your dog's "call for help". A dog's head is very fragile, and you don't need to think about it, it will definitely hurt, unless the dog's head has severe pain that makes the dog unbearable, and hitting the wall can make it feel better, otherwise the dog will feel better. Dogs don't bang their heads against walls! Behavior 3: Frequent tremors When dogs feel cold, their bodies will tremble. This is normal, just like humans tremble when they feel cold. But if it's not because of the cold and the trembling is frequent, then the owner should pay attention! That's the dog calling you for help! It may be because of a problem with the dog's nerves that causes it to tremble frequently. At this time, it is best to take the dog to the hospital for a check to see what the problem is. Behavior 4: Panting loudly The dog does not exercise vigorously, and the environment is not dusty, but suddenly there is the behavior of panting loudly, the owner should pay attention! This may be a problem with the dog's respiratory tract and heart! Behavior 5: Always licking the same place Although dogs don’t lick their fur as often as cats do, they occasionally lick their fur to take care of themselves and keep themselves clean. However, if the owner sees the dog licking the same spot all the time, be careful! Because under normal circumstances, a dog will not grab a place and lick it hard, unless there is a wound or a skin disease, the dog will keep licking in order to treat the wound or relieve itching! Behavior 6: The butt rubs the floor Many owners have seen their dog rubbing the floor with the butt. Although it looks funny, the dog is actually asking you for help because of its anal glands. I'm blocked, I want your help! Ordinary owners should remember to squeeze the dog's anal glands regularly to prevent the dog's anal glands from being blocked! Behavior 7: Frequent stretching The dog will stretch after eating and drinking to help itself digest. If you see it stretching frequently, you should pay attention. This is because it is asking you for help, and its stomach is too stretched to digest. Need your help rubbing! If you often stretch your waist frequently, you may have pancreatitis. It is best to go to the hospital for a check! Behavior 8: Hiding in dark corners, dogs are lively and cheerful, and they will laugh with their owners every day. If one day your dog suddenly hides in a dark corner, the owner should be vigilant! Because this may be the unbearable pain in the dog's body, healing in the corner! This behavior is actually very common in dogs who have just arrived at a new home, and I believe many owners have experienced it. At this time, because the dog is not very familiar with the environment and has not yet developed trust in the owner, he will look for a place where he feels safe, such as in the corner, where darkness can give the dog a great sense of security. At this time, we can take the way of snacks to tempt it to interact with us and enhance our feelings. Feeding your dog regularly and quantitatively can also enhance your relationship with your dog. In the choice of staple dog food, choose one with a high meat content, the dog will like it more and will trust you more. Conclusion: Do you still know which behaviors are the signals for dogs to send out a "call for help"? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area~

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