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Gemini AR globe gives children a chance to embrace the world

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Gemini AR globe gives children a chance to embrace the world

We take children to travel, take children to see the world, enroll children in summer camps, and let children experience camp life. We hope that our children will have a broad horizon, learn more knowledge, and see what the world looks like from multiple perspectives. If you don't have so much time to accompany your children to explore the wonders of the earth, then give them a globe and let them embrace the world. The pace of human exploration of the unknown world has never stopped. The globe records the territory and appearance of the earth and carries a history of world development. At the same time, the globe is also connected to a wider outer space. In the vast universe, our blue planet is endlessly alive and has a strong pulse. And all of this, we can find it on the Beidou Gemini AR globe recommended to everyone this time. The fresh prince style and the fresh princess style are different from most globes on the market. These two globes have a very unique and beautiful appearance - gentle pink, fresh blue, macaron color, super high value, and painted with Exquisite small patterns are matched with them, and these patterns represent some famous buildings, animals, characteristics and so on in some countries. It can also be used as a night light at night. Of course, in addition to its high value, uniqueness, and practicality, it combines AR and 3D technology to restore a more realistic and three-dimensional earth scene. It can not only show weather phenomena, the operation of the universe, but also representative animals and plants in different regions. , can appear in 3D form, vividly displayed in front of the child's eyes, with Chinese and English instructions, real voice! We call these two globes Gemini because we hope that the pink princess version and the blue prince version of the globes can be part of the child's most unforgettable gift, so that the moment she (he) receives the gift and opens it, becomes the most memorable moment. The happy little princess and the cutest little prince. Now let's take a comprehensive look at its high value. Spherical effect 14 AR modules + 6 quiz game modules Encyclopedia of animation and knowledge for children For children, their minds are full of "100,000 whys", they are full of curiosity about the world, and the globe happens to be every child's exploration The beginning of the world, to satisfy their strong thirst for knowledge. This AR globe not only imparts geographic knowledge, but also includes audio, video, and 3D animation models. It brings children a dual experience of vision and hearing, and is equivalent to an encyclopedia of animation and knowledge. An ideal gift for children. With the APP, you can observe and understand how the 8 major weather and weather are generated in a realistic 3D dynamic way by scanning your mobile phone. You can also learn where the marine life and rare terrestrial animals in the world are distributed, and where each creature is located. What are the characteristics of . In addition, according to the world map, you can learn about the origins of celebrities in each country and region, as well as their outstanding contributions. At present, the APP has covered 197 national geographic knowledge, more than 20 famous national buildings, 8 major astronomical meteorology, 18+ ancient dinosaurs, more than 30 national representative animal distribution areas, 8 planetary orbits, and more than 50 countries. Celebrity deeds, etc.; the background of the system will continue to update new content, transmit fresh and scientific knowledge points, and let children keep up with the pace of the times anytime, anywhere. The most important thing is that these, do not need to pay any more! Don't underestimate the obsessive appearance of the child holding the globe. Small actions such as "sweep" and "point a little", every operation is the child's active exploration of the unknown world. Dinosaurs, animals, architecture, food, countries, solar system, earth structure, weather phenomena, world famous schools, world celebrities, attractions, aerospace, marine life, wildlife. Just click on the place name, you can see the 360-degree real scene, bringing the child an immersive sense of reality. For example, when observing the Al Jacobs Tower in Dubai, Mengmeng kept exclaiming, "Wow, this place is so high, will I fall? You can let your children enjoy the scenery of the world without leaving home. Traveling through famous mountains and rivers on a daily basis. Children can acquire extended knowledge of famous people, landmarks, local delicacies, etc. in more than 50 countries, and they will no longer have to worry about running out of materials when writing weekly diaries and compositions. Children can not only observe animals at close range, but also listen to Real-life commentary, you can also play "off-screen games", allowing animals to appear in any corner of the home. The globe has also carefully designed 6 major quiz game modules, including national flag quiz, geography quiz, the best in the world, Spring Festival knowledge, and health knowledge , small knowledge of the epidemic, to stimulate children's "thinking power". The types of questions include the distribution of well-known mountains, rivers, and geological plates at home and abroad. Every child loves a jigsaw puzzle game, which cultivates observation, sense of space, and logical thinking. It has a very good promotion effect, and can also increase the knowledge reserve, which is much better than many educational toys on the market. Such a globe, really learn to play, learn to play, super exercise children's observation and thinking skills. Beidou Produced, professionally drawn with attention to detail, quality assurance This AR globe is carefully developed by the domestic map compilation organization "Beidou". Beidou is one of the few companies with map review qualifications in China. Many key colleges and educational institutions will use its products as geography teaching aids. This AR globe has been reviewed by the National Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geographical Information, and it is accurate and guaranteed, and there is no need to worry about professionalism and authority. Even the color matching is very fresh and natural, and two color systems, the prince version and the princess version, are specially designed. Unlike most globes on the market, the single color used is too old-fashioned and outdated for children! Because it is used by children, the materials are very fine, made of high-strength ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly without peculiar smell. The globe is marked in both Chinese and English, which clearly shows the distribution of 220+ countries and regions in the world. Upgrade the night light model with built-in LED light, turn it on and it is a dream bedside lamp! The configured LED light wick is soft and not dazzling, and can be used as a night light to protect children's eyesight. At the same time, it supports the charging function, and it can be used by unplugging the wire after fully charged. Is it very convenient? It is very warm to have such a dreamy night light to accompany the child to sleep at night, and it can cultivate children's interest in globes. Think about it, I originally wanted to buy a globe, but I bought it together with the night light. Is it super cost-effective? Not only this, but there are also great gifts. Buy one get three free, rich gifts include: 1 world map, 1 China map, 1 magnifying glass. Most families have to buy maps and magnifying glasses for their children, but buying our AR globe can save you the trouble of repeating purchases!

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