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One snake fights five mice! A silver ring snake in Fujian killed 5 mice. Why did the mice dare to attack the snake?

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One snake fights five mice! A silver ring snake in Fujian killed 5 mice. Why did the mice dare to attack the snake?

#HeaderCreationChallenge# In the food chain, snakes are one of the natural enemies of rodents, but not all snakes can prey on rodents. Unless it is a large snake or a fast snake or a poisonous snake, it is difficult to prey on adults. Rats, sometimes, big rats can kill snakes. Recently, in a house in Quanzhou, Fujian, Mr. Liu, a citizen, got up and walked to the yard to take a look when he heard a movement in the yard. Unexpectedly, he saw a scene of "snake and rat war": a mouse is challenging a black and white snake, which looks like The silver ring snake, what is even more unexpected is that there are four dead mice next to it. This silver ring snake has experienced one snake and five mice? Mr. Liu didn't see the process of the five rats fighting the snake, and the final result was very clear. The last rat was poisoned and lost its power soon under the fighting attack of the silver ring snake, and the silver ring snake was also ready to reward himself. Zhang Open the mouth of the snake is enjoying his spoils. The man saw such a ferocious silver ring snake and called the police for help. After the police arrived, although the silver ring snake was the winner, it also consumed a lot of energy during the battle. release into the wild. Silver ring snakes fought against five rats. I don't know if the snakes made the first move, or if the rats thought they could prey on predators in groups? Looking at the size of the mouse, the size is not big, it is not a big mouse, and its speed and strength are not formed. It is definitely not the opponent of the silver ring snake, so it is very likely that the big mouse brought these small mice out for activities and found the silver ring snake. Afterwards, the big mouse ran first and did not show the ability to protect the calf. The five little mice were too late to escape and were caught by the silver ring snake. 1. Snakes eat mice for half a year Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, and their body temperature changes with the temperature outside. Summer is their most active time. At this time, snakes can effectively control the number of mice, especially black Snakes such as eyebrow snake, cauliflower snake, poisonous snake, etc., although adult rats are also fierce, they are not the opponents of snakes at this stage. Rodents are also on the diet of the silver ring snake. Although the silver ring snake is a small venomous snake, its toxin is the most violent of the domestic poisonous snakes, and it can easily poison creatures much larger than the silver ring snake. It also feeds on fish, rodents, and lizards. However, the venom of poisonous snakes is not produced in unlimited quantities, and it requires energy consumption, so poisonous snakes will also save the amount of venom. It will not waste too much toxin, and rashly attack creatures larger than it, but in the process of biting with the five rats, the toxin was obviously used, which made the silver ring snake weak, and it was too late to escape, and it was easily captured. 2. Rats also eat snakes for half a year. In winter, when the outside temperature is lower than 15°C, snakes will lose their ability to move and must find a cave to spend the winter. A nest of snakes and rats". But mice do not need to hibernate, and mice always like to keep biting things. This is because mice prevent themselves from being pierced by their own teeth, so they prevent teeth from growing by grinding behavior such as biting. Snakes during hibernation have no ability to move or have any defenses. Even if they become cold and stubborn, they cannot stop the bite of rats. Snakes during hibernation will also have rats eating snakes for half a year. Especially on some snake islands, snakes have no natural enemies such as raptors and mongooses, but there are no snakes flooding. This is because the snakes prey on mice in summer, and mice in winter will also prey on snakes. Even in summer, mice dare to steal Eat some small snakes, snake eggs, etc., "snakes eat mice for half a year, mice eat snakes for half a year" to control each other's population. Rats are listed as one of the "four pests", and many methods are used to eliminate rats, but the number of rats is still large, and even rodent infestation occurs, so it is necessary to pay attention to the method of balancing natural enemies in the food chain, such as cats, snakes, eagles, and weasels. They are all natural enemies of mice, and they will prey on a large number of mice. Paying attention to protecting these animals can also effectively reduce the number of mice in these areas. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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