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  • A king brocade snake in Beijing came into the village to catch a live chicken, but it bit the head of the chicken but couldn't swallow it. When caught, it refused to let go
  • A Stone Tiger appeared in Wuyi Mountain. It can climb trees and swim. It is good at hunting and even dares to enter the village to steal chickens to eat.
  • Two pythons sneaked into the farm to steal 20 piglets, caught a 50-pound snake, but escaped with a 100-pound python
  • Nightmare of cockroaches: Dementors in nature, turn cockroaches into puppets and let them die on their own initiative
  • Alaskan Malamute, can be a pet, can be free-range and can pull a car, but it will not protect you
  • Never keep a black Labrador - I'm the first to disagree