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A dog has these performances, indicating that it is "lack of love", and the shit shoveling officer should pay attention

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A dog has these performances, indicating that it is "lack of love", and the shit shoveling officer should pay attention

In fact, dogs will also lack love. When it has the following manifestations, it means that it is "lack of love". Shit shoveling officers should pay attention! Soothe your dog! 1. When you go out, you will always look back at you. If you go out for a walk, the dog often looks back to see if you are behind you. He will walk with peace of mind when he sees you behind him. It means that the dog is "lack of love", and the dog who lacks love is especially afraid of the owner abandoning it, so it will behave like this! 2. Frequently licking his body A dog who lacks love will lick his body frequently, because it will feel very uneasy and stressed, and will want to relieve the pressure by licking his body, especially if he has not received a shovel for a long time. Loved dogs are particularly prominent. However, it is worth mentioning that if your dog frequently licks the same body part, you should pay attention to it. It may be a wound or a skin disease there. It is best to check it. 3. It's normal for dogs to stick to shit shoveling officers when they go out, but when they come to the familiar environment at home, they usually find things to do on their own, so they won't be too sticky. And a dog who lacks love will stick to you not only outside, but also at home. It will follow wherever it goes, and it will be inseparable. It means that the dog really wants your attention, and I hope you can accompany it more. 4. Dogs who don’t let you go out and lack of love don’t want to be separated from the shit shovel officer, so when the shit shovel officer wants to go out to work, the dog will try to block you, such as holding your thigh and not letting you go , I hope you can stay with it. 5. Often lying on the ground to see that your dog lacking love will often lie on the ground and look at the shit shoveling officer with a very sad expression. In fact, he is telling the shit shovel officer that he is sad and accusing you that you cannot accompany him. The shit shoveling officer must reassure the dog when he sees this behavior, because dogs are in negative emotions for a long time, which is not good for their mental health. 6. It will harass your work If your dog likes to disturb you while you are working, it actually wants you to see its performance! When this happens, the shit shoveling officer is too busy at work. He is so busy that he forgets that he has a dog, and the dog will feel very sad. This is a typical expression of lack of love! So even if the shoveling officers are very busy at work, they should take time to comfort the dog, or feed it some snacks, so that it knows that they are not ignoring it, and the dog will not disturb you when eating snacks. Seven, unwilling to eat some dogs who lack love will protest eating to win the attention of the shit shovel officer. Once the shit shovel officer is not at home, they will have no appetite to eat, and they will not eat until the shit shovel officer comes back to feed them. If your dog does not eat whether you are at home or not, you should consider changing to a more palatable dog food. After all, if your dog does not eat for a long time, the body will gradually lose weight. Conclusion: Does your dog have the above performance?


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