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Why is Disney's fugitive dog-"King Charles Spaniel" so popular?

Time:2022-10-04 11:20:25 author:Zoo Read:444次
Why is Disney's fugitive dog-"King Charles Spaniel" so popular?

Do you know the "King Charles Spaniel"? It is the dog prototype of many Disney cartoons. Others jokingly call it Disney's fugitive dog. Many people even say that they fall in love with it at first sight. Why is the King Charles Spaniel so popular? You will understand after reading it!

History of the King Charles Spaniel:

It actually originated in the 15th century, originated in England, and its ancestors originated in Spain and the French Squirrel. And it was named after the King of England. Its origins are not small. It was the darling of King Charles I and Charles II of England, and even issued an order to allow it to enter the Parliament Building, which prohibits any animals from entering. Since then, the King Charles dog has naturally become famous all over the world.

Charm of the King Charles Spaniel:

(1) The appearance of the King Charles Spaniel with high appearance and watery eyes is very good Distinctive, with a petite and compact body, with thick and supple hair and lovely lobed ears, it looks well-behaved and cute, especially its big watery eyes, which are full of emotion and seem to be able to speak. Coupled with its innate noble temperament, it is an elegant noble knight. (2) Good personality, happy little angel King Charles Spaniel is an easy-going and stable dog. It is full of energy, quiet and elegant, friendly and affectionate, can be considerate of the owner, and can also be funny and funny. It is a happy little angel. There is almost no concern about raising it, it will be a good companion for the elderly and children, and a little expert in the active atmosphere at home! (3) Small dogs will not tire the owner. Although it has a lively and active temperament and needs a certain amount of exercise, as a small dog, even if it is energetic, it can still be within the controllable range of the owner. Therefore, there will be no situation where the owner will be exhausted, as long as you usually take some time to take it out to play. (4) The IQ is high, and the well-behaved and good student King Charles Spaniel has a relatively high IQ, mainly because it is very obedient, will obey the owner's instructions, and has a good degree of obedience, so some skills can be mastered relatively quickly, yes A smart and well-behaved dog that pet owners love. So as long as the pet owner is willing to teach patiently and train with snacks, it will learn more skills and become better. (5) Not picky eaters, it is more worry-free to raise King Charles Spaniels are not picky eaters, and their stomachs are better. Basically, they can eat everything they eat, and they are more worry-free for pet owners to raise. However, it is not recommended to feed it overly salty food casually. Over time, it will cause its sodium content to exceed the standard, hair loss, tear marks, etc. So it is best to choose a light dog wolf to feed it. Of course, the King Charles Spaniel has many advantages, but you must know that every dog ​​is not completely perfect, and it also has some disadvantages. If you want to breed it, it is recommended to know more about it before making a decision. Conclusion: Would you like a King Charles Spaniel?


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