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The "Akita Inu" that has been popular for decades has not been raised by many people. What is the reason?

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The "Akita Inu" that has been popular for decades has not been raised by many people. What is the reason?

Many people know the Akita dog from the movie "Hachiko, the loyal dog". This movie was released in 2009 and now in 2022, the "Akita dog" in it has been popular for decades, but it has been raised. There are not many people, what is the reason? Let’s take a look with the editor~ Let’s first introduce about Akita dogs: Body size: Large dog Height: 66-71 cm for males, 61-66 cm for females Lifespan: 12-15 years Advantages: handsome in appearance, extremely loyal The reasons why there are not many people are: 1. The price is expensive. Akita dogs are from Japan, and the price will be more expensive, especially the noble blood. The price can reach more than 100,000, even if the general price is more than 6,000. , at this price, you can buy good quality golden retrievers, labradors, etc. In addition, there are very few domestic Akita dogs, and the market demand is not large. If you want to buy it, you may have to buy it from overseas, and the cost will be more expensive. So if you don't like it very much, few people spend a lot of money to buy it, resulting in not many people raising it. 2. It has been "banned" in China because Akitas belong to the category of large dogs. Many cities have stipulated that some with a shoulder height of more than 60 cm are not allowed to be raised. Therefore, many people can only rest their minds if they want to raise them. There are not many people. After all, no one wants to be called by the police to "drink tea"! 3. Super able to dismantle Akita dog is a large dog, it needs a lot of exercise, don't look at it's very honest look, if you don't satisfy it, its ability to dismantle the house is lost to Erha at all! Many people have been persuaded to quit by this amount of exercise. After all, after a day's work, they have to take it for a walk for more than an hour when they come back. It's really tiring! So there are not many people. 4. Character is a bit stubborn Akita Inu and Shiba Inu are a bit similar in character, they are a bit stubborn in character, and things they find will not be easily changed. Especially when you go out for a walk, if the Akita doesn't play enough, it will stay on the ground and need you to drag it. Many people have been persuaded to quit by this guy's stubbornness, so there are not many people to raise. 5. It has a lot of power and can't control it. The Akita Inu itself has a lot of power. If you don't pull it well, or if you don't have enough strength, it's easy to rush and you can't control it. Therefore, if you have a shoveling officer, you must train the Akita dog and let it obey you, so that there will be no such phenomena. Pair it with snacks during training for even better results! 6. Hair is difficult to take care of. Everyone who owns a dog wants to keep a worry-free dog. If you want to take care of the dog's hair frequently, many shit shoveling officers will feel very tired. The Akita dog has double coat, and the shedding is very serious, especially during the shedding season, it can be said to be a "walking dandelion". Not only do they have to brush their hair every day, but they also clean the house. Many shit shovelers can't stand it, and there are not many people who raise them. The hair loss of the Akita dog is unavoidable, but we can manage it from the diet, and it can also alleviate the phenomenon of serious hair loss. Feed a dog food containing beautiful hair ingredients. Conclusion: Do you like Akita dogs?


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