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Once shocked Europe, the African Iron Lady Corps revealed the secret

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Once shocked Europe, the African Iron Lady Corps revealed the secret

"Just as a blacksmith quenches pig iron into steel, so we change our nature. We are no longer women, we are men." (The Kingdom of Dahomey and the Dahomey, Frederick F. Bis) Author: RACHEL JONES Compiler: Angel Red Queen Tips: It takes about 8 minutes to read this article If you have watched the 2018 Marvel blockbuster "Black Panther", you should remember the heroic bald female general in the film, And the "Department of Women" led by her. "Black Panther" is a fictional high-tech armed African nation of Wakanda, and this year's new film "The Woman King" is based on real history: from the late 17th century to the early 20th century, a whole The Women's Corps guarded the West African country of Dahomey (today's Benin). These brave female fighters do not have the cool equipment in science fiction films, but their heroic spirit to defend their home and country is no less than that of any superhero. In the 17th century, a heroic "women's army" defended the kingdom of Dahomey on the African continent. This 19th-century print records their image. Gina Prince-Byswood's 2022 film, The Woman King, is based on that history. This 1793 map shows the kingdom of Dahomey and its surroundings. Popular culture often depicts the African continent before the 15th century as a savage, uncivilized land, which is not the case: hundreds of years ago, many ancient civilizations flourished on the continent. The kingdom of Dahomey was a great power in West Africa, with well-organized government institutions, and officials selected from the commoner class were loyal to the king and worked together to prosper the country. The mighty Dahomey conquered other neighboring kingdoms, rose to West Africa with a disciplined army and strategic might, and the advent of the slave trade eventually made Dahomey its overlord. The country took hundreds of thousands of captives from neighboring countries and sold them to European countries that were engaged in the slave trade at the time. This bloody and brutal business brought great wealth to the kingdom of Dahomey, helping to build a strong military force, while the protracted population plundering also led to a significant decrease in the number of men in the surrounding countries, and women took on the role of protectors. The Dahomey warriors in the picture are crossing a stream. Source: COLLECTION PAUL ALMASY/ AKG-IMAGES In 1870, a series of portraits of Daho beauty warriors created by the French painter Jean-Charles Pellerin. As to the origin of the Dahomey warriors, one theory holds that they were originally the king's royal elephant hunter "Gbeto". These huntresses were so skilled and hunted that in two hundred years the elephants were almost completely wiped out from the borders of Dahomey. The "Gobertos" have since been reorganized into a female army, which has taken on the responsibility of defending the country. Another legend states that after a king in Dahomey died mysteriously, his twin sisters took power to become queens, gathering a group of women willing to die to protect her and the kingdom to form the Women's Legion. From then on, Dahomey women were no longer concubines or servants, and did not need to follow the orders of men. The Daho beauty warriors are proficient with bows and arrows, and the strongest female soldiers are chosen as archers, using hooked, poisoned arrows to kill the enemy. Historian Torild Skard writes in the book that these Dahomey warriors “were known for their passion and gallantry, sharpshooters, archers, hunters and even spies, sharpening their bodies and minds into warriors. They sang:” Let the men stay, plant corn and palm trees, and let us go to war. "Photo source: LOOK AND LEARN / BRIDGEMAN IMAGES When it comes to female warriors, people often first think of the legendary Amazon "Daughter Country", and Hippolyta, the queen of martial arts and beauty. But historian Tolle Pamela Toler emphasized that the Dahomey Legion should neither be seen as an African version of the "Amazoness," nor be seen in Black Panther: "The Dahomey uniforms are very similar to men's, instead of wearing sexy clothes. Their opponents don't realize they're wrestling with a woman until close quarters. "Picture source: HISTORY/ AKG-IMAGES The fighting power of the Dahomey Women's Legion once shocked European explorers who came to West Africa, and the Kingdom of Dahomey became more famous because of them. On the one hand, they are both fearsome and excellent marksmen, adept at hand-to-hand combat and wielding machete-like weapons. In Dahomey, absolutely no one said women shouldn't go to war. "At the end of the 19th century, a war broke out between France and Dahomey, and the legendary female warriors gradually withered in the smoke of history. Source: LOOK AND LEARN / BRIDGEMAN IMAGES Today, women are developing for African countries in business, education, medical care and other fields. The enormous contributions made have been noticed, and important women in many fields have empowered Africa with their achievements, and then entered the global stage. But as the historian Alexander Ives Bortolot put it: "There are undoubtedly important and famous women at other times in African history, but prior to contact with Europe, written records of their names and achievements simply do not exist, and their stories have not survived to this day, nor have they been Acknowledging. But as the study of African history continues, we will surely discover more important African women." Toller believes that once people realize that African women in reality can transcend gender constraints, have extraordinary power and Independent self, in the international perspective, the impression label bound to "African women" may gradually change from "poor" to "powerful". In this sense, the more people who know the Dahomey warriors, the better : "These female warriors prove that women are more powerful than society thinks, and even more powerful than they think. They can choose to fight and stand out on the battlefield." read this article


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